First Trimester Essentials

You may or may not already know that I have recently announced that I am pregnant with my second baby and just like last time I have been knocked down by the first trimester. Last time was horrendous and this time hasn’t been much fun either but I know it will be oh so worth it in the end. I can’t believe my daughter is 2, and I can’t believe she’s going to be a big sister, it all feels so surreal right now. If like me, you have been there done that and had a baby before, you’ll probably agree that the first trimester is the worst out of the three and if you’re trying for a baby, this is your warning. I thought I would list a few things that have really helped me get through the first trimester whilst chasing after a toddler..

Getting Through The First Trimester

Seabands – These are honestly a godsend, I had them when I was pregnant with Alyssia and have been using them again this time round. I never thought a pair of wrist bands would help make me feel better but they really do work wonders and really take the edge off things. They’re also great for when travelling.

Pregnancy/Feeding Pillow – This is another thing that I had with Alyssia and have also used in this pregnancy, just putting it behind me in bed or whilst sat on the sofa really helps.

Comfy Bra – or no bra, you choose. Mothercare have some really great bra’s but they’re often quite pricey, amazon have some which are a bit cheaper.

Bottled Water – I hate tap water and since being pregnant it’s been even worse. Everything tastes off but not only that, our water isn’t cold enough. Keeping bottled water in the fridge has been my absolute go to.

Breakfast Bars – Since being pregnant I haven’t been able to eat breakfast, I never was a breakfast person but I do need something when I wake up. I have been having go ahead bars for breakfast along with a bottle of water and sometimes some fruit if I’m feeling good.

Ginger BiscuitsΒ or Gin Gins – These are supposed to be really good for morning sickness, I had them last time and found that they helped although when they don’t work, the taste isn’t great coming back up (sorry tmi).

Crackers – Dry crackers are good if you can’t handle the butter, alongside dry toast although I found that bread really makes me feel worse so crackers are my go to at the minute.

Comfy Leggings – Stretchy, comfy leggings, what more can I say? Pregnancy & skinny jeans don’t work..

Stretchy Tops – Again, a must have. You want to feel confident during your pregnancy as well as comfortable. I love stretchy tops and I still have a few maternity tops from my last pregnancy to wear.

Netflix – There are going to be days where you can barely move from the sofa and netflix becomes your new best friend. Its okay to leave the housework until later if you’re feeling rubbish.

Mama Friends – This is so so important, find a friend or a group of friends that you can confide in. Friends that you can say anything to without them judging you. I am so lucky to have found so many new friends through blogging and motherhood. You’ll make friends when you become a mum, but maybe find a pregnant friend too? That’s always fun.

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