Goals and Plans for 2020

With Christmas fast approaching and the year coming to an end, it has got me thinking about my goals and plans for 2020. What do I want to achieve next year?

I have lots of personal goals that I’d like to achieve as well as financial and work goals. I’d like to start saving money back every month so that we always have enough to fall back on if the car needs fixing unexpectedly or if we decide to take on a new project. Do you have any projects you’d like to take on or that have been left unfinished? E.g painting the garage, laying artificial grass, fixing up a car? Is your goal to get it done in 2020 too?

Our ultimate goal is to save for a house but I am aware that it’s going to take a good few years to save from scratch and these things take time, another would be to get a newer car which is a little bit more realistic I guess.

In terms of personal goals, I want to be more sociable and less anxious – I have spent a lot of 2019 at home with my babies when we could be out and about exploring but again that also links in with financial goals. I’d like to save back money for days out so that we can have the best summer together as a family. I’d also like to write on my blog more, grow my accounts and work with new brands in 2020 but to do this I need to allocate time and manage it all better.

Finally I’d like to be more organised and stress less. I feel positive about next year, we have lots to look forward to like weddings and new babies in the family, big birthdays, my eldest starting school etc.. It’s going to be a really fun year and I’m determined to be more organised and make more time for myself.

What are your goals for the new year?

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