Grocery haul & meal plan 

Grocery haul & meal plan 

So this week I am doing an asda grocery haul & meal plan for you all, usually I would buy a bit more than this but we still had some things in the freezer so we are going to use it all up first (meaning that we saved money this week, winning!)

I didn’t think this would be something that you would all be interested in but the majority of you voted for it over on my Twitter this week. I know this is something I do enjoy watching on YouTube so I thought I would do it myself – blog style! 

As always with a food shop you end up buying a few things that weren’t originally on your shopping list, but this week I think we’ve done quite well. The extras that we bought were the multigrain hoops for A and the pasta sachets for Rob. 

I have found that in the past I have bought big packets of things and not actually used it all up, So I have started to shop to suit my meal plans rather than just completely winging it and buying it all. For example, usually I would buy a big packet of onions and this week I needed red onions too so I would have bought another packet costing me around £2 all together just on onions. This week I decided to buy ‘loose onions’ to save myself some pennies, I got 2 brown onions for 36p and 2 red onions for 22p.

Obviously our shopping bill is always bumped up by the price of goats milk, we spend 99p on semi skimmed cows milk, and £6.20 on goats milk (usually we need to buy 4 cartons) at £1.55 a carton for just 750ml.  Altogether Alyssia needs 4 cartons a week which is 3000ml (5ish pints) of milk costing us £6.20. If Alyssia wasn’t allergic to dairy it would cost us just over £1 for cows milk. I really do think it’s ridiculous how much you have to pay for products when you have an allergy.. this isn’t a choice, this is what we have to do because Alyssia is a cmpa baby. It’s not her fault!

This week we got Alyssia some organix carrot cake bars as they were on offer in asda for just £2. The kiddylicious blueberry wafers were also on offer for just £1.75 and we bought some multigrain hoops as I thought these would be a good snack for Alyssia to eat on their own, and some rich tea biscuits. 

Like every week I buy fresh fruit for us all to snack on, but do like to switch it up a bit when I can. Last week I bought apples and oranges, so this week I have bought strawberries, blueberries, bananas and some cucumber for lunches etc..


Our meal plan for this week: 

Monday – Lamb Kebabs & homemade wedges (we already had lamb kebabs that we bought from the butchers last week) 

Tuesday – Beef / Chicken burgers with homemade potato salad & coleslaw. (We already had burgers left over from last week’s shopping in the freezer so all we needed to buy was the buns and the salad ingredients) 

Wednesday – Out (We usually see my grandad on a Wednesday and have a lovely cooked dinner at his house meaning that it gives me a night off of cooking – yay) 

Thursday – Pasta Bolognese with garlic bread (We already had the mince, sauce, garlic bread etc so all we had to buy was literally the onions – winning) 

Friday – Chinese food (my brother & robs brother and family usually come round on a Friday night so we get takeaway however the past few weeks we haven’t done it and this week we would like to treat ourselves)

Saturday – Bangers & mash with carrots (we already had sausages in the freezer that we bought last week at the butchers)

Sunday – Roast Pork with all the trimmings (I cook a roast dinner every Sunday which I absoultely love doing, when I was a child we never really used to have many roast dinners – once in a blue moon.. So I have kind of made it a tradition in my house that that’s what we do each week) 


Usually I spend around £60-£70 a week on our food shop to feed the 3 of us, that’s not including nappies and toiletries / cleaning products that i need to buy maybe once a month – this is when I spend around £80. 

I have recently stopped going to do the food shop myself, it is stressful with a toddler, a partner that doesn’t really want to come with you and a clothes aisle within eye sight… I am a sucker for baby clothes, I always have been. It’s alright if you’ve got the money but when you have to put things back to afford a new pair of jeans for your toddler (that she probably doesn’t need) that’s when you know you’ve got a problem… So to stop this problem, I have started getting our shopping delivered – some might say it’s lazy because I can drive, but it’s a half an hour to our nearest asda store and it costs me money in fuel on top of what I spend on food & clothes when I go myself.. overall it has worked out much cheaper to do it this way. 

This week we only spent £37.30 on shopping and £3 for delivery. 

Considering we usually spend a good £60 on shopping plus clothes & toiletries.. I think we did pretty well to have spent under £40 this week. 

How much do you spend on food shopping each week? 

Where do you shop? 

Do you do it yourself or do you get it delivered & why? 

Let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me @mummyandliss 
Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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  1. Susan Wood
    May 17, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    Well done again, you seem to be on top of everything, very well organised. Interesting post as ever, and more importantly informative, helpful tips for your readers. Keep it up and good luck.

    • May 17, 2017 / 2:16 pm

      Thank you, I do try and keep on track otherwise things seem to go downhill. Zoe x

  2. May 17, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    I am so glad this post has helped you, I must admit I do usually spend around £60-£70 but I do like to try and meal plan so I can save myself some money. It’s hard but it’s a good feeling making homemade meals from scratch, it takes time but saves alot of money in the long run. I always pick up random things when going to the shops myself, so shopping online has been good for us! Thank you so much for reading, be sure to subscribe to get updates from me. ? Zoe x

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