Halloween Baking, Jelly & Messy play with a toddler.

Halloween Baking, Jelly & Messy play with a toddler.

I have actually really enjoyed Halloween this year, we woke up. did our usual morning chores, got dressed & had breakfast. I gave Alyssia her Halloween Basket and she was so excited looking at all her little treats especially her Peppa pig pumpkin carriage. We had a good play with the pumpkins & Alyssia kept trying to lift them up which was quite funny.

After all the excitement and running around Alyssia went for a nap (yay). She gets pretty grumpy when she’s tired so I’m so glad she gave in. When she woke up Rob was home from work so we did some messy play then Rob & Alyssia made some chocolate Krispy cakes. She’s doing well with her dairy now so we have high hopes. In the evening we had hot dogs for dinner & carved our pumpkins, Alyssia really enjoyed getting involved & we let her play with the pumpkin flesh which she kept stirring with a wooden spoon.

I decided to get creative this Halloween and make some jelly worms. Yes I know, a little bit cringe but they are pretty awesome! All you need to do is make your jelly in a jug as you usually would and then leave it to cool. Get a glass & jam pack it with straws. Pour in your mixture and leave in the fridge to set. Once the jelly straws are set, run them under warm water (this makes them easier to get out) and squeeze them out into a bowl.

I also decided to make traffic light jelly (well kind of) I’ve never successfully made one jelly on top of another so I was pretty proud of this. I chose lime & orange as they seemed to be the most Halloween like colours & I used strawberry laces in the bottom to set the scene. I also added a few haribos. If I’m honest the strawberry laces didn’t taste very good at all but my original plan was to use the organic jelly snakes which would have worked alot better if only my local Tesco had them in stock. I placed a little plastic spider in the top to make it more halloweeeny.

We made Rice Krispy monsters which you can read about in my last post.

We made halloween chocolate Krispy cakes. Alyssia loves helping in the kitchen & she enjoys mixing it all in the bowl. We bought Halloween cupcake cases in Sainsburys for £1.50 so thought we could use them for that as we had no eggs in the house for cupcakes.


I haven’t done messy play with Alyssia since she was quite small but now that she’s a toddler I can only imagine that she would love it so I decided to give it a go. I’m not a Pinterest mama, I don’t have a tuft tray so we compromised with a big piece of cardboard & some plates (gotta make do) & we filled it with different activities. Paint, jelly worms, coloured spaghetti, fake spiders, foam stickers etc.. overall Alyssia really enjoyed getting messy.

We loved Halloween this year with it being the just the 3 of us, I wonder what next year’s Halloween will bring. But now that Halloween is over, lets get festive & focus on christmas. Time to order Rob’s birthday presents & as soon as that’s over we will be off to finish our christmas shopping, Alyssia is pretty much sorted now – just a few more bits to get. I love this season!

Z x


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  1. Susan Wood
    November 1, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    Looks like you had really fun time preparing for Halloweens, very imaginative.

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