Halloween Basket for Toddlers.

Halloween Basket for Toddlers.

This is Alyssia’s 2nd Halloween, last year she was just 8 months old & we dressed her up as a little pumpkin. This year she will be 20 months old and I wanted to make more of an effort now that she is starting to understand the concept of birthdays, Halloween, christmas etc.. I’m really hoping she will be able to get involved this year so I decided to put together a Halloween themed basket for her. We never had Halloween gifts as a child but we did get a lot of sweets. As Alyssia is only 1 years old she has never really had sweets before & I wanted to get her a few bits that were more practical for her age group.

I got the wire basket in a set of 3, this is the biggest & it came with 2 smaller ones for £9.99 from The Range. I then wrapped it with Halloween style ribbon. I have shopped around & just grabbed a few bits from different stores so I figured I would show you all. Here is what is inside Alyssia’s Halloween basket this year:

Peppa Pig Halloween Book – Asda
Peppa Pig Halloween Sticker Book – Sainsburys
That’s Not My Witch Halloween Book – Asda
Plastic Tumbler – Asda
Walking Frankenstein – Sainsburys
Light up Pumpkin – Sainsburys
Peppa Pig Pumpkin Carriage – Tesco
Foam Spooky Sticker Pack – The Range


I’ve never done anything like this before so I am really looking forward to it. I’m also excited to do a christmas eve box for Alyssia this year. Do you do anything like this for your little ones?


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  1. Susan Wood
    October 26, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    What a lovely idea ! x

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