Halloween Photoshoot 2016 VS 2017

Halloween Photoshoot 2016 VS 2017

So for 2 years now we have taken part in a Halloween Photoshoot run by a lovely lady called Heidi over at Studio 27. It is £15 a session and all money raised goes to the local baby unit. I plan on taking part in this for as long as Heidi carries on doing it. Last year I had not long passed my driving test & decided to take my friend and her daughter along with me, I was so impressed with the photo’s and loved the idea that all money raised would go to charity that we decided to come along again this year. However Alyssia wasn’t best pleased after not long waking up from her nap in the car. She was the grumpiest I have ever seen her & point blank refused to smile at the camera. Nevertheless, Heidi did a brilliant job & still managed to get some beautiful photos of Alyssia in the leaves. I wanted to share a few photo’s from each year with you all alongside the hilarious grumpy ones of my little babe.


Halloween 2016.

This one is by far my favourite, I don’t have a clue how she managed to pose like that but she did & I don’t think we’ll ever get a photo as good as this!


Halloween 2017.

Alyssia Refuses to Smile

Now this is where it gets funny, Alyssia was the grumpiest little madam ever & had not long woken up from her nap in the car. It’s safe to say she was not amused despite us all trying our best to make her laugh.

I cant help but laugh, these photo’s are amazing & I’m hoping to put them in a scrapbook and add to them each year. If you don’t already, go over and click like on Heidi’s Facebook page.

*Photo Credit to Heidi at Studio 27. 


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  1. Susan Wood
    October 31, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    They are absolutely wonderful pictures Alyssia is so photogenic and gorgeous xx

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