Holiday Destinations 2019

Holiday Destinations 2019

As we’re nearing the end of 2018, some of you might be planning your holiday destinations for next year and some of you may have already booked. However some of you might still be wondering what to get your other half for Christmas? Why not book a holiday? Lets face it, we all need a break now and again. Its the perfect gift. I’ve been looking on clickstay and would love nothing more than to go on a little break away so decided I would write a bucket list of the top 3 places I’d love to visit one day; all in which are available to stay at through clickstay.


My favourite country, a country where I have alot of happy memories. I visited Spain with my family when I was younger and absolutely loved it. We spent alot of time together as a family and actually ended up stranded over there in 2009 for an extra week due to the volcanic ash clouds, that’s a whole other story though. I’d love to go back there one day and that’s when I realised there are Clickstay villas in Spain and they look amazing if I’m honest. Not only that, the beaches in Spain are absolutely beautiful and I would love nothing more than to go back there with my own little family one day and recreate the memories that we made when we were younger. It would be so special!


Portugal is another country I’d love to visit, I’m all about the hot weather, not too hot but definitely not cold. They also have some lovely clickstay villas in Portugal. As much as I love winter in the UK, It would be nice to run away on holiday for a week or two. There’s something about a tan in the winter.. don’t you think? The villas look family friendly so we would be able to take the children too which is ideal. They also look like they’d be great for honeymoons or even baby moons! We all know how important it is to relax, especially those of us who are parents running around after toddlers.


The last holiday destination on my bucket list is of course the United States of America. This is actually one of the most popular holiday destinations. My main reason for wanting to go to America would be to visit Disneyland in Florida, the kids would absolutely love it. We might have to start with Disneyland Paris first though. Ever since I was little my mum always said that if any of us ever won the lottery we would make sure we all got a trip to Disneyland Florida out of it. I’ve only ever been abroad twice, once to Germany and once to Spain both times to visit my grandma. My partner on the other hand has never been abroad and I know that he would really like to one day. America is famous for its good food and my partner would love nothing more than to go on a huge road trip across route 66, I mean it would be pretty cool but it’s hardly ideal with 2 kids in tow.. maybe when we’re both retired (haha!)

My idea of a perfect holiday includes a hot country, a nice villa or apartment, air con (obviously), lots of spending money, a jacuzzi, my family, lots of laughing, good food and a little bit of alcohol. Wouldn’t that be amazing. You can book to stay in villas with private pools etc through clickstay.

Are you into travelling? Where would your next stay be?

*This is a collaborative post, Image credit Clickstay

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