Now that it’s the new year and I’m slowly getting out of the christmas slump, I have started on my plans for 2018. I had this idea that I would plan it all out and have my calendar filled up by now but that’s not quite true, I’ve got a few things happening this year but not as much as I thought I would. I’ve been looking online at days out and even been looking at holiday’s for this year and possibly next year. I don’t think we can afford to go on holiday anytime soon but it might be worth saving for one? One of my goals for this year was to save some money back so maybe we could use it for a holiday abroad, who knows?

Should we book a holiday?

As a fairly new family, we’ve not been on any holidays on our own yet apart from when we went on a last-minute sun holiday with my mum and 2 brothers. Alyssia was 1 and a half and was running around the place but the holiday park wasn’t suitable for little ones, not really. The park was horrendous, really dirty and not safe for younger children at all. It wasn’t very hygienic and if I’m completely honest it has put me off going on holiday again. I did write a whole blog post on our Pontins experience, in which you can read here.

But I’ve been looking online for holidays abroad and the first country that I would like to visit as a family is Spain. The spanish rentals look amazing and we actually went there when I was a child. My Grandma moved to Spain while I was growing up, she wanted to go somewhere hot and sunny (who would blame her?) so she moved there and we visited her at her apartment before she sadly passed away. We have some amazing memories and with that being my first ‘proper’ family holiday abroad we went on a lot of adventures. From what I can remember, the views from the apartments are amazing, from my grandma’s apartment you could see the mountains in the distance and from the apartment that we were staying in you could see the sea. Going on the beach in Spain was so different to going on the beach in England, firstly the sand was warm, and the water was warm but looking across the Sea was completely clear. You could see the sand beneath your feet and the fish in the sea around you.

Is it the right time to go abroad?

I absolutely love adventuring and making memories, particularly family memories. My partner has never been abroad before so I would love to give him the opportunity to go. I think he would agree that we can’t afford it right now and it’s not something that will be happening any time soon but it is something we would both love to do with Alyssia.

I wrote a post before about travelling with a toddler and said how I was scared to do it, I still am. I would love to go to Spain again but I’m not sure it’s the right time, she’s nearly 2 and we definitely can’t afford a holiday any time soon although it is something I would like to save up for. I think before we think about going abroad we should probably do a test run with a small holiday within the country just to make sure that it all runs smoothly. I always feel really out-of-place and stressed about staying in new places which is probably another reason why I didn’t like Pontins much but it really wasn’t very nice and we weren’t the only family to complain. This time I’ll make sure I check out the star ratings before booking because if I had done that last time I definitely would have stayed clear.

As I said I’ve been looking online at holidays in Spain, we went to Denia when we visited back in 2010 and as much as I would love to revisit the place we made all of the memories, I would also like to explore the rest of Spain and maybe visit Majorca, Tenerife or Lanzarote although I am a little paranoid of the volcanoes.

What about a holiday in the UK?

I have also been looking at holidays in the UK and there are a few places that I would really like to go:

Woolacombe Bay: We went here when we were children and really loved it, we revisited with Alyssia when she was less than a year old. I actually really enjoyed it, again we went with my mum and had a lovely time but I would love to go back there on our own too as it was such a nice place to take the children.

Cornwall: I have so many amazing memories of Cornwall growing up with my Grandad living there and always taking us on adventures in the camper van. I would love to recreate those memories with my own daughter.

Paultons Park: I have wanted to take Alyssia to Paultons Park which have a Peppa Pig world (if you didn’t already know?) since the day she started loving Peppa at about 9 months old. I have waited and waited and have contemplated booking it for her 2nd birthday but I think that maybe she might still be a little too young. She’s walking, talking and understanding a lot more but I think that maybe aged 3 might be the best time to go? Maybe I’ll book it for her 3rd birthday, we’ll see.

We obviously wont be going abroad this year but I would love to be able to save up for a holiday abroad. Escape to somewhere hot and sunny (Grandma had the right idea) and just enjoy myself..

What are your holiday plans for 2018?


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