How I budget my daily life as a mum

With my second baby on the way in approximetely 7 weeks we’ve been running around like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted in time. The thought of having two children, two little girls of my own to look after still scares me and even though it won’t be too much of a change, adding another baby into the mix does make you think about a few things, for example life insurance. Just this week in the bank we were discussing the possibility of getting life insurance now that we will have 2 little girls in tow. It’s a scary thought but it also got me thinking about things like phone insurance too. Can I really afford to pay out for repairs again if something happened? I looked at Switched on Insurance to protect my phone especially now that my toddler knows how to work it, she’s a little pro at finding Mr Tumble on YouTube and that’s without my help.

Become a Savvy shopper

Since being pregnant I’ve been budgeting the best that I can in order to be able to afford everything because let’s be honest, prams, clothes, baby cribs, they’re not cheap. I’ve been a little bit of a savvy shopper lately and have been using up old gift cards, shopping in the sales and only buying things when they are on offer.

Sort through direct debits

I’ve also been through all of our direct debits, bills etc and have cancelled things like Now TV, Amazon prime etc, prioritising things like phone insurance, car insurance, you name it.. in a bid to budget and save money. My car insurance was up for renewal at the start of the month and just by swapping insurance companies I saved myself a good £300 and also managed to ditch the blackbox. How? Just by shopping around.

Swap where you shop

We’ve also saved quite a lot of money by swapping where we do our food shopping. I used to be an Asda girl but now I’m more of an Aldi girl. It’s a little bit more of a faff don’t get me wrong, it’s a 25 minute (sometimes longer depending on traffic) drive there and back and the combination of driving there and walking (waddling) around the shop at 8 months pregnant to do the actual shopping definetely takes it’s toll on my body at times but it’s worth it if it means that we can get more for our money. Can you tell I’ve been watching Eat Well for Less? That’s another of my faves at the minute.

Start meal planning

Another thing that I do to save money on our food shop is write a meal plan every week. I used to get laughed at and told that meal planning was a little bit sad but if you don’t do it, you just end up spending money on random things in the shop and you’ll find that you don’t actually buy enough food to last you a whole week. It’s okay saying you’ll “pop to the shop in the week” but all of those little top up shops soon add up. We find ourselves spending the odd tenner a time on quick snacks and essentials but doing that even just a few times a week, and you’ve racked up an extra bill of around £30 that you could have saved. It’s better to write a shopping list and stick to it (or try your best to at least) I know what it’s like when things are on offer.

Buy in Bulk

Now that my bump is getting bigger and I don’t have as much energy, we might have to shop somewhere a little bit closer to home however for the time being, I am loving saving the money and being a savvy shopper. I’m also wondering whether or not it’s worth buying things in bulk? I’m usually a “buy it when you need it” kinda girl but the thought of shopping with a toddler and a newborn in tow scares me even more, I might just have to bulk buy now that I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy just so that we’re covered for a few weeks..

Are you a savvy shopper? Do you shop weekly or monthly? We shop weekly but often find we need to do a bigger shop once a month with toiletries etc.

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