How To Take Care of wild birds in the UK

As the girls get older, I’d love to make them more aware of the wildlife. One of our favourite things to do is go on a family walk to the reservoir and my toddler gets so excited when she spots a bird, or a squirrel up a tree.

How can we care for the birds in our gardens?

You could leave out food and drink for them. This would encourage them to come back. You could pop down to Trago and pick up a few things from the wildlife section. We love a shopping spree and visiting Trago was always one of my favourite trips as a kid. I remember there being a huge variety of bird feeders, bird seeds etc for such cheap prices. If you wanted to be more adventurous, you could make your own. All you’ll need is bird seed, oats, raisins, peanuts (you don’t need all of these, a mixture is fine) some lard, some string & an empty yogurt pot or disposable cup. Heat the lard in a pan & then mix in all the ingredients. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup and thread the string through, leave around 10cm at the bottom and 20cm at the top, pour in your mixture. Put it in the fridge & leave overnight. When the mixture has set, cut away the pot & hang in the garden for the birds. This is something I’d love to do with my eldest one day.

Leaving water out in a bird bath is always a nice idea and also makes a nice feature in your garden. My nan had a bird bath and a bird table in her garden and it always encouraged the birds to come back knowing that they were safe. She would leave food on the bird table for them alongside a bird feeder with seeds which I always thought was such a lovely idea.

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  • One day you will have a house and a garden of your own Zoe is just in its planning stage, on the wish list xx

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