How Window Blinds Can Transform Your Patio

If you already have, or are about to install a set of patio doors, there is much to consider. Screening, for instance, is obviously a requirement, yet with so many screening options today, it can be a difficult choice, and not one you want to get wrong. So, before you go rushing off to the department store in search of screening, there are a few things to consider.

  • Functionality – It is easy to make the mistake of focusing on aesthetics when selecting screening. While you do want the screening to look like it belongs, you also need something that is functional and offers fine control over lighting and shading. For many UK homeowners, roller blinds tick all the boxes and leading UK supplier Made to Measure Blinds offers gorgeous made to measure roller blind selections in a range of stunning designs and with their easy to use measuring system and installation instructions, simply select the design and colour you like, fill in the measurement form and with a secure online payment, the fabrication process can begin.


  • Bespoke Solutions – Forget buying anything off the shelf. The only way to professionally screen a window is by fabricating the blinds to precise dimensions and with an online search, you should be able to locate the website of a quality supplier. The website would have answers to all the questions you might have, and would have a selection process that is simple. A large expanse like a set of patio doors must have made to measure screening and providing the design is right, the screening would complement the interior.


  • Blinds – For the vast majority of homeowners, curtains are simply not an option. Blinds offer a comprehensive screening solution and with so many styles, you really can’t go wrong. Vertical blinds are perhaps best suited for terrace screening and the diverse range of rich colours allows you to make a statement. Indeed, the blinds can become a focal point of the room and will add some depth and warmth to any interior. Roller blinds are another popular choice and they offer great blackout for those afternoons when you wish to watch a blockbuster movie.


  • Focus on Quality – Regardless of the style you choose, make sure the supplier is both established and has a good name in the industry. Of course, we have no real way of knowing how their customer service is, yet with a review system like Trustpilot, anything higher than 8.5 is exceptional and can be used as an indicator of what to expect. There are many online review systems that help the consumer decide whether or not to use that particular supplier and once you know about these, you can shop with confidence.



Whether roller or vertical blinds, the right choice of colour and a made to measure solution will give you everything you need in terms of shading and screening, plus a little more.

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