Introducing our new project #LittleLovesInLeaves

Introducing our new project #LittleLovesInLeaves


Its Autumn, finally – the season we have all been waiting for right? Well not officially until the 22nd but who cares, I can see crunchy leaves already. I for one cannot wait to start sharing Autumnal photographs over on my instagram grid @mummyandliss and after various discussions I know that Georgina feels the same way @geeegardner this brings us a step closer to revealing our project to you all.

Instagram has been a bit of a shambles lately with the algorithms messing up and accounts being locked etc, we wanted to find a way in which we can help others enjoy Instagram again. A few months ago both myself & Georgina got involved with an Instagram project called #TheBabyOnHipSeries run by Jenny over at Jen.and.Cub on instagram. We were incredibly inspired by this & after seeing various other bloggers run their own hashtag, we wanted to create a seasonal tag for you all to use, one that has never been used before in the world of instagram.

We have decided to collaborate and bring you a project of our own called #LittleLovesInLeaves this will be an Instagram project where you upload photo’s of your Little ones in the Leaves, use the hashtag & tag us if you wish. We will regularly search through the hashtag & feature you on our instagram stories. We are hoping that this little project will bring warmth to your hearts this Autumn & will encourage you all to go out exploring in the leaves. Autumn leaves are beautiful after all.

We would love for you all to get involved and we cannot wait to get started. You can use the hashtag as many times as you want, our first goal is to hit 100 photos on our tag, can we do it? I’m sure we can..

Here are some examples to start you off:




Get involved & Have fun!





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  1. Susan Wood
    September 13, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Good idea! Keep up the good work!

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