Isabelle at 10 months – She can climb!

I wasn’t going to write a 10 month update as I wanted to save it for a 9-12 month post but so much has changed in such a short space of time and also sometimes its nice to read about other babies who are around the same age, not to compare but just because it can be interesting to see what they’re all doing at this stage. I’m always searching the instagram hashtag #10monthsold for new accounts to follow. Do you have a baby of a similar age? (Born Sept 18) I’d love to have you on Instagram.

At 9 months old Isabelle was army crawling like a pro (a real belly slider), she learnt to sit up from lying down and outgrew the beloved snuzpod *sobs* we transitioned her into a cot in her big sisters room and they’re now sharing a bedroom.

At 10 months old Isabelle has mastered how to crawl properly but if shes feeling lazy or is trying to get away fast – she opts for the belly slide. She’s finally found some balance and can stand up against the sofa like a big girl, this past week or so she has learnt to climb.

She is climbing up and standing against absolutely everything which is great but we’ve had a few banged heads already. Shes a daredevil and has thrown her self out of the bouncer a few times although now shes worked out how to wiggle out without hurting herself – clever, but means that mummy has to have eyes in the back of her head always on the look out for an escapee.

She is sleeping well (ish) I mean once shes settled for the night (bedtime is 7pm) she will sleep until around 6am the next morning but settling her has started to become more difficult now that she can climb up and stand in her cot. Every time I leave the room she stands up again trying to get her sisters attention. I watch them on the baby monitor and sometimes Alyssia will tell her to shush, lie down and will sing her a song, sometimes they’ll have bedtime chats in which I leave them to it because its the cutest thing to listen to and other times they’ll both mess around and refuse to go to sleep. Its hit or miss but for the most part, they’re pretty good. The routine is the same as it has been since Alyssia was this age and that’s bedtime at 7pm after watching something on the telly, it used to be In the Night Garden but it seems to have changed to Topsy & Tim. I think its good to have that calming down time and keeping their routine the same every night makes life so much easier as they know exactly whats happening.

I get asked about her naps quite a lot, how many times does she nap and how long for? She has two naps in the day – usually one around 10am and one around 3pm but they only last 30-40 mins. I think the longest nap shes ever had was an hour. It doesn’t help that her sister is always waking her up but I remember Alyssia sleeping for hours on end, no wonder I never have time to get anything done, I don’t mind though I quite like having a little sidekick.

Belles getting braver with her walker & has taken 1 or 2 steps with it so far. She can walk well if you hold both her hands, she knows exactly what to do. She’ll be running around with her big sister before we know it. She can’t stand on her own yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before she can. We still dont have any teeth but despite that, she is an amazing eater. We baby lead wean and the only thing she will refuse is a puree. She absolutely loves her fruit and veg just like her sister which is amazing. She claps at everything and is always smiling. She is obsessed with tags, tags on clothes, tags on toys, tags on muslin cloths, tags on teddys, all of the tags. She just loves them, I tried her with a taggie blanket but they’re just not the same apparently so we’re sticking with the originals. She is babbling away, her first word was “mama” but of course now she wont say it. She can say dada, hiya, baba, roarrr, blahblahblah etc which is quite funny. She can drink through a strawed bottle which I think is great because I remember Alyssia struggling with this when she was a baby, she never got the hang of a 360 cup either but Isabelle seems to have mastered them all.

Her birthday is fast approaching, its less than 2 months until she is ONE. How?! Where on earth has the time gone hey? It definitely feels faster the second time around but I love this age so much, she is into EVERYTHING.

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