Isabelles 4 Month Update

Oh Isabelle. 4 months already, where has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday that we were being induced and awaiting your arrival. This past month has been a big one, we celebrated your first Christmas, you learnt to roll on Christmas day, to giggle and you seem to be sleeping much better. Hallelujah. You also had your third set of immunisations and as always you were a little champion.

You are teething and you go through at least two outfits a day, sometimes more. You are a milk monster and love to chew on Sophie the Giraffe. You’re not too keen on your dummy anymore and much prefer sucking your thumb which must I add is THE cutest thing ever. You’re a blanket kicker offer but love to snuggle into a muslin cloth when you get the chance.

You’ve started to notice when I’m cooking and whenever I sit down to eat, I see you licking your lips and looking up at my food. I’m afraid you have at least 2 more months to wait yet babygirl. You are just a little milk monster.

You are hands down the smiliest baby I’ve ever met, you’re never really unhappy you just have a whinge now and again like the rest of us. In regards to sleep, I *think* we may have conquered it. 8pm – 6am is good enough for me. The Myhummy white noise bear has a lot to answer for – it’s certainly been a game changer for us. You still wake in the night for a bottle or two but like I said, you’re a little milk monster. I took you to get weighed today and you weigh 13lbs 4oz of pure perfection.

You absolutely ADORE your big sister and your eyes light up everytime you see her. She has recently started nursery which gives us some 1:1 time together and means that your sister is super excited to see you when she gets home.

The last 4 months with you have been a whirlwind but a good one at that.

Love you always, mama x

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