This month has absolutely flown by, the whole year has for that matter. I have discovered lots of new products this month so I figured I would include some of them in a monthly roundup. I haven’t done a favourites post yet so I thought this would be the perfect time to start, this will be a mixture of both mum & toddler faves as this blog is obviously written by me & inspired by my daughter.

In The Night Garden – Alyssia is absolutely obsessed with this show at the minute and I have no idea why but she has shown a real interest in it recently. We bought her the soft toys when she was a lot younger but she was never as keen on them as she is now. Every night before bed Alyssia sits up on the sofa and watches ITNG with her Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy soft toys, its the cutest thing ever. We have bought her a set of In The Night Garden character figures for christmas which I know she is going to love.

Yankee Candle – I love a good Yankee candle, don’t you? I am loving the Soft Cotton scent at the minute, I currently have the same scent in my car as an air freshener. It’s definitely one of my all time favourites, but I am hoping to try out some new scents soon. I cannot wait for Christmas, it’ll give me a good reason to buy some new ones (yay).

Toddler Bag – We recently upgraded Alyssia’s changing bag to a Personalised Toddler Bag that we bought from a lovely little Instagram shop called Little Sparrows. I love it, it is a lovely baby pink colour and has her name across the front in white letters. It is bigger than I thought it was which is a bonus as it means I can fit everything in including my purse, keys & phone etc meaning that I don’t have to take out a separate bag for myself.

Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Makeup Primer – Last month I hit an all time low and needed a real pick me up so I went out and bought myself a whole new collection of makeup. I asked on twitter for everybody’s recommendations and one of them was a good primer. I didn’t have a clue what a primer was, I had never used one before and I was a bit indecisive as to whether or not to buy it, but I am so glad I did. It is the best thing I have ever used and keeps my foundation on my face for a lot longer than usual. I’ll definitely be buying this primer again, but will maybe by a lighter foundation as I never seem to be able to find one light enough for my skin.

That’s Not My Books – We bought a few of these books last year and Alyssia really enjoyed sitting on my lap and reading them, but now she is older she understands the concept of touching the different materials inside the book. She has got 4 or 5 of the books which we bought second hand plus 2 Christmas ones that we bought new last Christmas,  I am hoping to get her the new “that’s not my unicorn” book which has recently been launched.

UGG Slippers – I have recently been working alongside Amara Living and received a beautiful pair of UGG slippers from them and it’s safe to say I have fallen in love, although they have an expensive price tag of £75 I will never need to buy a pair of slippers again because it honestly feels like you’re walking on clouds. They are gorgeous & have been my absolute favourite product of the month. I would definitely recommend asking for some for Christmas.

Nappy Pants – We have been using these for a good few months now, pretty much since Alyssia turned 1 years old and I would never ever go back to nappies unless we had to. We usually buy the pampers nappy pants because I personally think they’re the best we’ve ever tried however we do like the little angels & the Tesco nappy pants which are both quite a bit cheaper. Tesco’s do a 3 for £10 deal so sometimes it works out cheaper to get those instead.

Dettol & Zoflora  – If you know me, you will know that I am a big disinfectant lover. I love the thought of clean sides, the smell of clean sides, just everything.. A few months ago I decided to stop buying dettol & try a cheaper brand but nothing compares, the smell of dettol is just divine and I will always buy this every month. Zoflora is another new favourite of mine, I discovered this just a few months ago but I am always buying & trying out different scents. Just like the Yankee Candles, my favourite Zoflora scent seems to be Linen Fresh or Hello Spring which is limited edition.


So there are my July favourites, what are yours?


*Disclaimer – this post does Include PR Samples.

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