Keeping My Toddler Warm At Bedtime with Hugzzies


Alyssia’s bedroom is the coldest room in the flat, I don’t know why but it is. The windows are fully sealed and I cant seem to find exactly where the cold is coming in but every time I walk in there, I can feel the difference. Alyssia is now in a toddler bed so it wouldn’t be anywhere near safe to put a heater in there to warm the room up although this may be something we have to do before she goes in there at bedtime during the winter months. But for now, we have pj’s and a duvet that gets kicked off in the middle of the night. I was starting to worry about what I’d be able to do to keep her warm at night time until we discovered wheat bags (a much safer, child friendly alternative to a hot water bottle). We were contacted by Hugzzies & asked to trial one of their microwavable teddy wheat bags and I couldn’t help but feel like they had read my mind, it was only that morning that I was complaining about how cold her bedroom is and that I was worried she wouldn’t be kept warm at night so it really couldn’t have come at a better time.

We were asked to choose from the a handful of styles including: Cat, Dog, Monkey, Panda, Bunny & we chose ‘Carly the Cat’ however I very nearly chose ‘Mikey the Monkey’ because he was pretty cute too but nope Alyssia wanted the ‘Cat Cat’ so that’s what we ordered. It’s basically a children’s bum bag with a removable lavender scented wheat bag that you warm up in the microwave. Before trialling the wheat bag itself, we used it as a ‘toy storage pouch’ around Alyssia’s waist. She thought it was hilarious and was over the moon to have her own little cat bag. I have heard that lavender helps children sleep so I am trying this in hope that it does. Before bed I warmed up the wheat bag & put Alyssia to bed with ‘Carly the Cat’ to cuddle & a warm bottle of milk. At first she wasn’t so sure, but she kept saying ‘warm, warm’ & cuddling into it. She’s never liked snuggling into blankets and hates having socks on at bedtime but Carly the Cat seems to have worked wonders. They are priced at just £9.99 so extremely affordable and they’d make a brilliant gift. They’re aimed at children due to the waist size of the strap however I’ve used it myself without the strap & works as a brilliant pain relief, for £9.99 you can’t really go wrong & I would recommend these for the winter months.

A short & sweet review: 

Is it suitable for toddlers? Yes, it is suitable for toddlers. The guidelines say 3+ but thats due to the wheat bag having small parts inside. My 19 month old uses it and it works wonders. It feels and looks safe.

Does it do the job properly? Yes, Alyssia kept saying ‘oooh warm’ whenever she had it on & seemed to like the comfort she got from it. I used it myself as a form of pain relief for my back ache & it seemed to work.

Is it easy to use? Yes, easy peasy. All you have to do is remove the wheat bag and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Simples.

Is it worth the money & Would you recommend it?  Yes, extremely affordable. It’s only £9.99 and for that price you can’t really go wrong. It worked for me as a great form of pain relief and I will continue to use it as that. Alyssia loves it because it keeps her warm but mostly because she likes the cat style on the front & loves that she can use it as a little pouch to hide her dummies in. Overall I would say its brilliant, we love it & I think it would make a great gift.


*I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of my own. 

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