Keeping Your Kids Safe Inside The House

Keeping Your Kids Safe Inside The House

Our kids are our little bundles of joy, they’re part of us and it’s our duty to look after them, because no one else is going to do it for us! Kids are prone to injury, they touch and put everything in their mouths and they run all over the place, not knowing what’s going to happen if they run into something hard or touch something they shouldn’t! Because of their naivety (and because we’re their parents) it’s down to us to look after them, so here are a few things you can do inside your house to make it safer.


Baby Gates

This is an essential piece of kit that you’re going to need to stop your little ones from going anywhere that they’re not supposed to, e.g the kitchen, stairs etc.. Baby gates are quite literally that, and they work for toddlers too until they grow smart enough to unlock them! (I think we’re nearly at this stage now, ahhh) In case you didn’t know they’re little gates that go across door frames, and mainly stairs to block access to them. This is absolutely essential to keeping your house safe, even if you have no rooms in your house that you want to block you have to block the stairs off to make sure that they’re not on the stairs without you with the risk of falling down them and hurt themselves, by putting in a baby gate they’ll not be able to get there in the first place so that’s one less thing to worry about. We live in a flat so we don’t have stairs, but we do have a baby gate which will be going on her bedroom door when she moves from her cot to her toddler bed.. 


Play Mats

A play mat is a great addition to your house, from a safety perspective and from a fun one too! If you’ve never seen one before, they’re exactly how you’re imaging them; big, soft and tough. These mats provide a nice cushioned surface for your kids to play on, so they’re comfortable and fun to use! But because they’re soft and hard wearing, it means that they can be protected from the floors hard surface that would otherwise hurt them if they fell on it, so they can roll around on the mat without the fear of getting an injury like they would with the normal floor! Alyssia absolutely loved her play mat when she was younger. 

Can you believe that Alyssia was once this small? Time really does fly by! 


Corner Covers

At some point in all of our young lives, we’ll have smacked our heads off of a corner table or a door. We can all remember doing this pretty well, and for some of it’s a miracle that we didn’t come off any worse! Furniture in the 21st century is even more pointy and hard than it used to be, and as it’s at head height to your children you need to avoid an injury occurring. Getting corner covers is probably the best way to eliminate serious injuries occurring. They don’t stop your child from running into something, rather they protect them from the harsh blow by covering the corner in a soft plastic, meaning they don’t run the risk of getting cut and hurt! When Alyssia was newborn we had a low TV unit with sharp corners, we knew it wouldn’t be safe for when she was crawling around & accident prone, I wish I had thought of buying corner covers rather than getting a new & higher TV unit haha.. 


All of these things are guaranteed to make your house a much safer environment for your kids to play in! You’ll have gates to stop them from running down the stairs and falling down them, a proper play mat so they can roll and jump and fall to their heart’s content, and you’ll have corner covers to stop those nasty cuts that happen if they’re unlucky enough to run into something! Just like playing, everything that kids do has to be fun or they’ll get bored, including food, but how do you make food fun? I wrote a post about this, where your questions will be answered!


What do you have in your home to keep your children safe? We have a baby gate & cupboard catches although she seems to have nearly outsmarted both.. Welcome to toddlerhood..

*this is a collaborative post.




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  1. Susan Wood
    September 13, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    A brilliant post, I love reading them so practical and useful, but then it comes from your own experience with Alyssia, and being a first time mum. Its good to share experiences, and it comes from the heart, and trial and error. Your posts are what young mums need, because its not just experience but a learning curve for first time mums and dads. Well done, so proud of you.

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