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Oxfam are releasing a campaign titled #KindnessChangesLives which is all about your own moments of kindness or about anyone who has been kind to you without asking. It’s so nice when people go that extra mile without you having to ask for help. A few months ago I was really struggling with my mental health, I couldn’t find the motivation to even open the curtains let alone leave the house. I had avoided going to the shops always asking for my partner or my mum to just ‘do me a favour and pop to the shop’ without realising I hadn’t been to a shop on my own in months. I remember the weather being really dark & dull outside and I felt so rubbish, I had a duvet day with Alyssia and all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I panicked because I didn’t have a clue who it was but it turns out it was my neighbour, we had recently made friends as she was new to the block and she came round with a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and a can of beer for my partner and said ‘Happy Thursday’ I couldn’t believe it, I asked what it was for & she said ‘nothing, you’ve just been a really good friend to me recently so Happy Thursday’ I couldn’t believe the kindness that I was receiving and couldn’t stop smiling.

This has happened a few times now, she bought me a bottle of wine & some ‘calm balm’ in an attempt to help with my anxiety and even that made me smile. It’s so nice to be kind to people sometimes. A few weeks ago in Asda, Alyssia was kicking off big time and she wouldn’t sit down in the trolley, I was really struggling and the trolley kept moving every time I tried to sit her down, a nice lady saw me struggling and came over and held the trolley still while I sat her down & put the seat belt on her. I could have hugged that lady. I recently took Alyssia to a big park with loads of beautiful scenery, ducks and a play park at the end. In the park I saw a few ‘groups of mums’ and felt quite intimidated because I was on my own but then saw a mum on her own struggling, the children were all playing nicely and I could see her struggling to put on her baby carrier. I watched her for a few minutes and gave her a smile but I couldn’t help but feel guilty so I did something that I never do.. I approached her, I walked over to her and offered to give her a hand whether that be put the baby carrier on for her, or hold her little one while she sorts the straps out on it. She looked so relieved to have had someone come over and talk to her and I am so glad I did. In the end she did give up with the baby carrier and decided to let baby sleep in the pram but just the fact that I went over and spoke to another mum was amazing for me and it seemed to help her too.

With Christmas soon approaching, I can’t help but feel like this is the perfect time to be kind to someone. After all Christmas is all about giving, so why not do your thing this christmas, give something to somebody that needs it & donate online to Oxfam.  We are going to do another sort out before Christmas and I am thinking of letting Alyssia take some of her toys up to the charity shop for children who need it this christmas.

When was the last time somebody was kind to you? Are you giving anything to charity this year?


*this post was written in collaboration with Oxfam. 

3 thoughts on “#KindnessChangesLives With Oxfam

  • This post is beautiful. Sometimes people need a reminder to be kind. I’ve already donated a lot of Amelia’s outgrown clothes to charity and last time we went food shopping we put some bits in the food bank collection by the exit. It’s not much but it all helps xx

  • Lovely post Zoe I have a friend who has been so kind to me , and she has been so helpful and generous I appreciate all that she has done for me, when my spirits are in my boots when I see her and we have a chat she lifts me up and supports and motivates me when I am ready to give up. We chat about the things affecting us and put the world to rights. I hope she gets well soon.

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