Life in Lockdown with 2 children

I thought I’d document what is happening in the world so that one day when this is all a distant memory, we can look back on it all.

Life was so different just a month ago. Now it has changed drastically thanks to covid-19, coronavirus, a deadly virus going around that does not discriminate. It could get any of us and we are being told to stay inside so that we don’t catch it. We had a little bit of warning that it was coming as other countries had been going through it already, it came from China and spread all across the world killing thousands of people.

The warning was helpful but it made everybody panic which then meant that going shopping was difficult as everything was sold out. Everyone went mad for toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, pasta, long life milk, cupboard staples like baked beans, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree etc and it didn’t take long for there to be a limit on how much you could buy. 3 of the same item per person in most stores.

The UK went on lockdown on the 23rd March, schools and nurseries were closed, pubs, gyms, parks, non essential shops and businesses, people were instructed to stay at home and also work from home where possible. Only allowed to leave the house for essential foods, medicines, emergencies or for 1 form of daily exercise a day, e.g a walk. Schools and nurseries open ONLY for children whose parents are keyworkers and have no other option.

Shops have implemented social distancing measures with spit screens at the checkouts and tape on the floor, everybody has to stand 2 metres apart and we have to queue to go into a shop with a one way, one in one out system. People are wearing gloves and masks and we aren’t allowed to take our children or partners to the shops, we have to go alone. We’re not allowed to drive anywhere other than to the shop or unless you’re a key worker going to work.

All weddings and big gatherings have been banned until further notice and it is now illegal to meet with friends, police are fining people every day. Funerals are the only form of gathering going ahead and even then you’re only allowed 5 people. Most businesses have closed and the government have offered to pay some workers 80% of their wages. All closed apart from supermarkets, chemist’s, and hospitals etc. Manufactoring and construction are still going ahead. All airlines have stopped and nobody is allowed to travel unless it is to work. Women are having to give birth alone in hospitals.

Everyone is scared of the virus and no one wants to risk catching it but key workers are putting themselves on the front line, NHS staff working to keep us all alive. Supermarket staff working so hard so that we can all buy some food. Manufactorers working hard to make ventilators and PPE for the NHS. Construction sites working all hours to build emergency hospitals around the country.

Our prime minister has the coronavirus and is currently in intensive care. The world is a scary place to live in right now but we are coping. Families are adapting to their new lives at home and are comunciating through facetime, and group chats, we are so very grateful for the Internet right now. Parents are home schooling their children and everyone is realising how important family is as we continue to miss our families outside of our household. The idea is that we isolate ourselves now so that when we get together again, nobody is missing. This is serious.

We have been at home for 3 weeks now as Isabelle caught the chicken pox a week before the lockdown, Alyssia developed a cough (which is one of the main symptoms of covid-19) so we had to self isolate for 14 days. Thankfully it has subsided and she is much better. Rob was home from work and we spent lots of time together as a family, he went back to work today as his company are making PPE.

The lockdown is due to be reviewed on the 13th April but there are currently daily updates straight from Downing Street. I am trying to avoid the news as much as possible as seeing the numbers of hospitaltized deaths rise each day is scaring me more and more, its currently at 5373 as of yesterday (6th april). But staying at home is all that we can do to help ease the spread of infection. We have been making the most of the shared courtyard we have in our block of flats and have been doing lots of decluttering, crafts and activities to keep busy. I miss my family so much and can’t wait for all of this to be over.

Life in lockdown with 2 children is tough, it’s hard to explain to a 4 year old what is happening in the world and why all of a sudden she cant go to nursery – a place that she loves so very much. Why she cant go to the park or the beach and more importantly why she can’t see her cousins or the rest of the family. She is due to start big school in September and now I’m worried she won’t be ready but I know alot of other children and families are feeling the same. I’m trying to find the positives in every day, set goals to keep myself busy and take it as a sign to slow down and hug my babies more.

I have no idea how long this is going to go on for, but I know its going to be weeks, maybe even months as unfortunately some people still aren’t abiding by the rules. I am so grateful to be at home healthly with my girls but I can’t wait for this all to be over and for the day that we can see our families again, there are going to be a lot of hugs and a lot of tears. ❤️

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