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With Father’s Day coming up next month (20th June) – I thought now would be the right time to launch our Fathers Day range in our Etsy shop, this way you have enough time to order and we have enough time to send everything out. We do have a pre-orders book open where you can leave us a note at checkout to say you’d like it to arrive nearer the time – this system worked well with both our Easter & Mothers Day ranges and also works better if you are sending the gift directly to the recipient. So, what do we have in stock:

Father’s Day Letterbox Gifts for Dad, Daddy & Grandad

If you are looking for Fathers Day Gifts, these ‘Happy Fathers Day’ Letterbox gifts are perfect for any Dad, Daddy or Grandad that likes a sweet treat. Choose from tea, coffee or hot chocolate to complete your gift.

These letterbox gifts contain:
– 1x Happy Fathers Day Chocolate Bar (110g galaxy smooth milk)
– 1x Happy Fathers Day Pocket Token – Super cute gift that can be put in their wallets / coat pockets etc..
– Choose from: PG Tips Teabag Sachets, Nescafe Original Coffee Sachets & a Galaxy Hot Chocolate Sachet.

There are currently 15 of these in stock (5x Dad, 5x Daddy, 5x Grandad).

We also have the Novelty Chocolate Bars available to buy on their own, there are currently 9 of these in stock. (3x Dad, 3x Daddy, 3x Grandad) so grab one while you can.. All gifts are wrapped in white tissue paper and will have a Happy Fathers Day sticker on. As stated above we can send gifts directly to you or the recipient and gift messages can be added free of charge.

I love the gifts that we have launched and I hope you will too, they are simple but effective. Any support with our small business would be amazing, if you don’t already know.. we are a lockdown formed business that started in January this year and we are still trying to get the word out.. A share of this post or our shop would be so appreciated.. Thank you so much! ⋒

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