Little Updates & Bathroom Improvement Ideas

When it comes to autumn and winter; there are a few things (mainly the weather and short days) that can bring you down. However, they are also the seasons where there is plenty to look forward to regarding parties, food, and cosy nights in your home. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to make your house a comfortable haven, and ensuring that you look forward to returning there at the end of each day. There’s no better way to relax and warm-up than with a hot bath right? So your bathroom needs to become your next interior focus. 

Since moving into our first family home 2 years ago we have done a few random DIY jobs around the place and have painted and changed things now and then. However we have never really focused solely on one room. Our next aim is the bathroom & I hope to show you all our ‘updates’ in the next few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to get the sledgehammer out and start a huge renovation project (unless you want to); there are plenty of individual updates you can make to your bathroom space that will make it an area you wish to spend time. Here are some ideas for those who are looking forward to indulging in a few bath bombs and luxury pamper sessions over the coming weeks and want a space they feel is Pinterest-worthy too.


A Colour Change

There’s nothing quite like a fresh colour scheme to update and enrich an interior space, and your bathroom will be no different. You can start with the towels, bath mats, and the shower curtain; these can reflect the latest in chic bathroom interior style, and more online and high street stores are catering to the generation that enjoys the aesthetics of their home. We have had a cream bathroom, a grey bathroom & now a white bathroom but I am looking add colour into it with bathroom accessories. Whether you favour earthy, neutral tones for a minimalist vibe, or enjoy botanical prints with plenty of large leaves and a few succulents thrown in; your bathroom can take on plenty of your taste and personality. Accessories can be changed and updated with ease, so make sure you have some fun when you’re out shopping for items, and be brave when it comes to switching it up on a regular basis. If you’ve had your eye on that soap dispenser; now’s the time to grab it! I cannot wait to start switching it up a little.


A Little Luxury

Depending on your budget; you can make as many or as few changes to your bathroom as you like. You might already love the tiles and colours in the space, but fancy taking a look at a website or two to check out heated towel rails, or a new power shower. Individual investments that will make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable, cosy, and efficient, are always worth researching and considering. Perhaps your bath or sink taps are on their last legs; think about switching them for a less traditional option, in a matte black or brass finish; the little luxury touches will make all the difference. Our shower hose is definetely on its last legs & I cannot wait to replace that either.


Set The Scene

Now is the time to get all cosy, get out those scented candles, and pop on your favourite song as you run yourself a hot bath. Preferably once the little ones are in bed so you can enjoy a bath in peace. Treat yourself to the latest bath bomb and soak up the luxury relaxing vibes to take the edge off a stressful week. For the amount of time you might spend in your bathroom, especially during the cold seasons; all those updates will be well worth the investment. After all it is the one room where most of your guests will go. I can’t wait to show you all our improvements. 


*this is a collaborative post 

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  • Oh such lovely ideas, I have bought some paint to do the bathroom, to make it look and feel fresh. and some white for the woodwork, for me it is a therapy and to remind myself I can still do it.

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