Looking at mortgages & Dreaming of our forever home.

Looking at mortgages & Dreaming of our forever home.

We have recently been looking at houses on the market with no intention of buying them whatsoever, I seem to just enjoy having a goal and wishing for something I know I’ll probably never have. I’ve always wanted to own my own home, making it my own and having that extra freedom that we definetely don’t have now in rented housing. First of all we’re in a 2 bedroom flat, so the first goal would probably be to actually rent a house. I’d love to start saving and buy our own home but it is so hard these days especially when you’re working pay cheque to pay cheque. I think my ultimate goal would be so buy a home that is cottage style but still modern, maybe a new build.. I’ve got my eye on a few but by the time I ever have enough money to get one, they’ll be long gone. I’d love a 5 bedroom house, a house where there is enough room for a home office and somewhere with a big kitchen so I can actually move without falling over something (usually a plastic toy) all the more reason to get somewhere with a play room for the kids.. problem solved.


I’d love a white bedroom, I think lighter colours on the walls make the room brighter, I’d like it to be spacious, with blinds and enough room for drawers and a walk in wardrobe with sliding doors. We currently have a bedroom that you can hardly move in, we don’t have enough room for drawers let alone a wardrobe and especially not a walk in wardrobe. Another thing that I would love is an en-suite bathroom, how convenient would that be. I’d like to have a spare bedroom for guests, my brother stays over quite often and it would be nice for him to not have to camp out on the sofa. I’d like the children’s rooms to be fairly big, enough room for a few toys, drawers, a bed/cot and a wardrobe. Each room would be carpeted so there was no drafts like there are in our current home.


As I mentioned above, I’d have an en-suite bathroom in the double bedroom and possibly in the guest room. There would be a main bathroom upstairs and also a main bathroom downstairs. My mums house has 2 bathrooms one upstairs and one downstairs and it is so convenient, not only for guests but for when you’re unwell and can’t make it up the stairs every time. If I had a bathroom downstairs I could have had my dad stay for when he has his operation and won’t be able to walk upstairs very well, see it’s the little things that give me the biggest goals in life.


I would love my own kitchen, as a mum this is one of the places I spend most of my time. Unfortunately at the minute we have a kitchen and living room all in one, it is convenient at times buts not really that great when you have children or want to just cook a meal in peace. I’d love my own kitchen with shabby chic modern cupboards, a range cooker, a dishwasher (oh what I would do for a dishwasher) and a nice sink (I know that sounds insane, but I’d really love one of those mixer taps). I would make sure I had enough cupboards and enough room to move.

Utility Room

I would love to have a utility room, a room solely for doing the washing. Our tumble dryer is currently in our living room which isn’t convenient at all but there just isn’t enough room for it. I’ve seen a lot of ideas on pinterest and would just love to do this myself. It would also be nice to just get away for a second to do the washing in peace rather than having a toddler press all the buttons on the machine.

Living Room

I would like a living room with a log burner, a cuddle sofa, a nice rug and a tripod floor lamp. I’d like to get a sideboard, I’ve had my eye on a few for months but we don’t ever seem to have the spare money to get one and in all honesty I don’t even think there would be enough room for one in here. Our sofas are second hand and are so uncomfortable I’d love to get a new one.


I long for the day I have a separate room for the children to play in. We have toys everywhere in our flat, having them in Alyssia’s bedroom makes it hard for her to go to sleep.. she’s usually pretty good but by the morning her room is trashed even though she has a toy storage unit in there. We swapped the unit for a basic toy box in the living room to make it look more natural. I’d love to have a separate room for them to play in so my house doesn’t feel so messy all the time, there seems to always be a plastic toy at my feet.

Home office

As for a home office, well we all know why I need one of those. Sitting at the kitchen table, on the sofa or even on the bed is just not ideal for me when I’m trying to work. I don’t think people realise how much ‘stuff’ that actually comes with blogging, I have blog props, parcels and admin work all over my bedroom and as I said above, we don’t even have room for a wardrobe. If I had the money I’d love to have a separate room for Rob and his PS4, if you have a partner who loves gaming I think you’ll know how overpowering it can be in your living room..


I think this is one of my main goals, to have a garden. I would love for the children to go out the back and play, we could host our own summer bbqs, sit outside and have dinners and I could actually plant my own flowers or even grow some vegetables. I’d love a nice patio, a summer house & cute little swing set for the kids to play on.

Realistically it’s probably never going to happen but it’s always nice to have goals, maybe one day I will look back and have achieved this, who knows. Does anybody else have ultimate goals?

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