Looking For The Right Deals & Preparing For A New Baby

Looking For The Right Deals & Preparing For A New Baby

When you find out you’ve got a baby on the way and you need to buy all new baby things because you stupidly sold all of your toddlers baby outfits (after telling yourself you wouldn’t put yourself through the pain of childbirth again anytime soon) you find yourself actively looking for the best possible deals online. You know me, I love a good deal. Pram deals, Baby Deals, Wine Deals, Deals on nappies, you name it and I’ll probably already know about it. It’s always worth looking around first before you buy anything to ensure that you’re not spending unnecessary money.

I’m now nearly half way through my pregnancy and believe it or not, I haven’t bought a single thing. I know, right!! Not like me at all. But I’m waiting for the right deals and the right time. I’ve recently discovered ‘Latest Deals’ and I am amazed at the amount of bargains I’ve found and also vouchers, If there’s a code for 25% off I’m having it. Savvy I know! I’ve even found Dominoes vouchers and have had to delete the app to stop myself from eating so much pizza. Budgeting has been a big part of my life recently and I’ve actually really enjoyed it, it makes you feel like you’re in control and despite having a huge list of products that I want to buy listed on my phone, I’m always on the look out for a cheaper deal. I’m looking forward to finding out the gender of our baby so that I can get the ball rolling and maybe start to feel like I’m at least a little bit prepared for a new baby in the home, because right now I’m in a bit of a flap.

I always forget just how expensive baby products are, but they don’t have to be. Not if you look around and have a nosey in the sale racks, I love this time of year because quite often the winter baby clothes go on sale as the new summer clothes come out on the rails. It’s always worth keeping an eye out so that you can save yourself a few pennies here and there. Decluttering has also been a big part of my life recently, of course I want everything to be perfect for when our new bundle arrives so I’m following the crowd with operation declutter and am selling what I can on facebook and sending old toys and clothes to charity shops – another good way of making money.

Are you a savvy shopper like me or do you just buy things as and when you see them?


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  1. Susan Wood
    April 18, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    A brilliant post, some good ideas, especially the declutter one this I need to take notice of . Love you loads xx

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