Luxe Mummy Gift Guide

Every mum wants and deserves a few gifts that’ll make her feel special because she is special! Mums have done so much for us that it becomes difficult to find a gift that shows them how much they mean, from helping us maybe taking care of our own babies, to them raising us ourselves. What gift can you get her, especially during this period when we are all at home, and it’s hard to find little bits of joy? Before your mind starts boggling, below are four luxurious gifts that your mum will love!

An Ultra-Comfy Pair of Shoes

For a pair of shoes that she will have forever to show how forever grateful you truly are, think big, think Italian leather. You will want to find something that of course is extremely comfortable, and with that you should consider sneakers or a sleek looking loafer. What loafer is more iconic than a Gucci loafer? For a classic pair of loafers or sneakers that every mum would die to have, try shopping for Gucci shoes on online shops like YOOX, for example. These are the perfect shoe for any mum due to their high- quality design and craftsmanship that can arrive directly to her! Due to the lockdown restrictions, most if not all shops are closed, so online shopping right now really is the way to go. If between sizes, try ordering 2 and sending one back that doesn’t fit.

Missoni Robe

A Missoni robe is 100% cotton and comes in a range of stunning colours, patterns and motifs. Your mum can relax in this elegant robe after a hot shower or cold swim! Not only can this gift be something super practical, but it can add a major pop of color in her bathroom or bedroom décor!

Timeless Gold Jewelry Who would’ve thought during a pandemic, gold would be a good thing to buy right now! Not only is it on trend (we got to keep mum always on point), but gold jewelry is just so beautiful to admire. For this season, minimal gold jewelry is key and you can get her a variety of things from small jewelry brands all over the world. Think of small gold hoops or delicate, stackable rings. This is also very much so everyday things she can wear with a variety of outfits, of course when we are able to go out freely again. They say diamonds last forever, but pretty sure gold does too!

An Ugg Throw Blanket

Treat your mum with this insanely snuggly blanket to keep her warm when reading a book or watching a movie! We all know by now how amazingly comfy Ugg’s are on our feet, these geniuses made homeware too now to keep our bodies just as cozy as our feet! This heavy fur-like blanket will keep you warm no matter what, it really is the ultimate piece to have for lockdown! Not only is it great for keeping your mum warm, it also adds to the décor of a room, especially when draped effortlessly over the sofa or a chair.

These beautiful and elegant gift ideas will leave your mum in joyful tears! Of course, they cannot even begin cover how grateful we are for what she has done, but they are a good place to start.

*This post was written in collaboration with Emily Jones.

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