Making your conservatory into a playroom

We've been looking at houses and are hoping to be able to buy, one day.. we saw a 4 bedroom house which is local to us and in a great location accessible to work. I know it won't be up for grabs when we are ready to buy but it feels good to be able to look. It's exciting thinking about the future and it got me thinking about what I would do with all the rooms. Not only was this a 4 bedroom house, but it had a huge kitchen, living room, dining room, massive conservatory, garden and a family room. Amazing right? I have always wanted a garden for the kids to play in and a conservatory would be a massive bonus. We could even make it into a playroom for all their toys, it would be warm as it would have double glazed windows and I'd make sure there was heating in there in the winter months.

The first thing I'd do is make sure there was suitable flooring, if not I would put down soft play mats to brighten up the room and for a soft landing when the kids are messing around. They're wipeable too so it would save the floor getting dirty when walking in and out of the garden. I'd buy a few kallax storage units for all of the toys and make sure they are all organised in the right boxes. You can't go wrong with a little bit of organisation in your life. I'd decorate with bunting or something similar to brighten up the room. I would also add a little table and chairs so that the girls could sit and do some drawing together. And possibly a little beanbag corner or a play tent so that they could have a chill out zone or maybe even a reading corner. The first big toy to go in there would probably be the toy kitchen, my daughter loves playing shops and with a whole room to play in it would be amazing. I think I would also add in blinds as I don't like looking out when it's dark, these means that they could still play in the conservatory in the winter months.

To summarise I would use:

- Soft play mats (ebay or amazon)
- Kallax Units (Ikea)
- Table & Chairs (Ikea)
- Blinds (Ikea or amazon)
- Beanbag or Tent for Reading corner
- Toy Kitchen station
- Bunting to decorate

My ultimate goal is to give the girls somewhere to play. We currently live in a small flat and don't have a garden so I am dreaming pretty big right now but it feels so good to have something to aim for.

1 thought on “Making your conservatory into a playroom

  • Nothing wrong with dreaming of a new house, and how you will decorate and furnish it. And one day that dream will come true for you because you are so positive, to make it happen. And you never know what is around the corner as they say. I hope they do come do come for you xxx

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