May – Mummy & Baby Favourites

May – Mummy & Baby Favourites

Here are our Monthly favourites.. 

Baby/Toddler Favourites:

Ella’s kitchen Oaty bars. These have been one of Alyssias absolute faves this month.

Dummy Clips. I am a massive fan of dummy clips and so is Alyssia, I recently bought a personalised wooden one with her name on, it has a safety clip aswell so she cant hurt her fingers. Alyssia is very well known to throw or lose her dummies, I have found that using a dummy clip when we are out and about (especially in the car) It helps us to not lose the dummies whilst I’m driving and Alyssia can easily just pop it back in her mouth.

Baby & Pram. This month Alyssia has been absolutely obsessed with her baby and pram, she plays with it every single day. She’s had this since christmas as it was bought as a christmas present, shes played with it lots but only recently she has started pushing baby around in the pram and oh my god, its the cutest thing ever. One funny thing she does do, is that when I say “Alyssia, lets change your nappy” quite often she will run over, put her baby on the changing mat and then run off laughing. Little monkey..

Peppa Pig Floor puzzle. She was bought this for her first birthday, at first I wasn’t too sure that she would want to play with it for a while yet as it does say that it has an age range of 3 years plus, however Alyssia loves it. Obviously she doesn’t quite understand the concept of putting a puzzle together as she is only 15 months old, but she does love to put the puzzle pieces back in the bag, one by one. She also likes to share the pieces with everyone and she enjoys standing on it once its made, shes so funny.

Toothbrush. Alyssia has got a peppa pig toothbrush, I bought them as a pack of two in Primark last year for 90p..  bargain. She didn’t start to get teeth until she was very nearly one years old, even though she had been suffering with teething symptoms for months and months. We started off brushing her gums with a baby toothbrush we bought from Tkmaxx, and she eventually got the hang of it. She has now got 8 teeth, 3 in which appeared all in one night (how crazy is that) I get so excited when she gets new teeth, I always go and write them down in her red book – Yes, I’m ‘that’ mama.. but I love to document it all, especially seeing as she’s my first born. Alyssia absolutely loves brushing her teeth now, and gets so excited when she sees me putting the toothpaste on.

Books. Alyssia has loved storytime this month, she is constantly coming up to me with a book from her book shelf and asking me to read it. She sits on my lap and we read the book together with her pointing to the pictures and helping to turn the pages whereas before she would get bored and just launch the book.


Mummy Favourites: 

Zoflora. I have fallen in love with a new cleaning brand, it is a disinfectant and smells amazing, I honestly don’t know how I have lived without the smell of this beauty, I use it most days wiping down my kitchen sides and I just cant get enough of the gorgeous smell that it gives off, LUSH!

Sunglasses. My £3 primark sunglasses have been an absolute favourite of mine this month, so cheap & affordable and they look pretty trendy if I do say so myself. For £3 you cant really say no, can you?

Instagram shops. This month I have entered a few Instagram giveaways / competitions and I have won. I have also purchased a few items too, at first I was a little wary of the prices.. thinking they would be really expensive but in reality.. they are beautiful products, handmade and made with love. I have received some lovely messages from the shop owners themselves and I have loved ‘shopping small’ If you don’t already, I would really would start supporting small businesses.

Blogging friends. I absolutely adore my mummy blogger friends, the support online is unreal.

Roast dinners. You cannot beat a roast dinner right? Homemade by mum on a Sunday.. the only difference now is that I am ‘mum’ haha. But deep down, I do love cooking homemade meals for my family, I have always enjoyed cooking & baking.

Cooler bag. I recently bought this from The Range and I LOVE it. I bought this bag to take on holiday with us and to also use for picnics in the park / days out. P.S – I am aware that this is such a ‘mum thing’ to put on the list.

Diary. This month I have really loved my diary, I have been so busy recently with blogging, general mum life & helping others out that ive had to write absolutely everything down and cram it all into my little diary.. I actually bought my diary in the tesco sale for just 44p last october.. BARGAIN.

Asda Deliveries. I have shopped with Asda for the past year and I personally think you get the most for your money shopping with them. Since I passed my driving test last July, I have loved the freedom of driving there to do our weekly shop but now that Alyssia is older – its actually harder. My anxiety hits the roof when I have to drive a 30 minute journey on my own with my toddler, take her shopping (hoping she doesn’t kick off) and see all of those people. Therefore I have been getting my shopping delivered, not only can I choose when I want it, I dont spend as much as I can’t browse the clothes section & I save money on fuel by not driving there.

So there are some of the things that myself & Alyssia have enjoyed this month..

What are your monthly favourites?

Leave a comment & let me know..


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


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  1. Susan Wood
    May 31, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    Love it, you really have got it all together and what an interesting blog, as usual. xxx

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