Meal plan Monday 

I love seeing other mummy bloggers share their family meal plans for the week, I look for inspiration & ideas. I find it so interesting to see what kind of dishes you can knock up in under 30 minutes & I look for meals that Alyssia can eat being dairyfree. We have done babyled weaning since Alyssia was 6 months old – all of our meals (pretty much) are cooked so that Alyssia can eat them too.

This week’s meal plan –

 – roast dinner (we usually have roast dinner on a sunday but we were away for thr weekend & we didn’t realise we had already eaten the chicken, so we had roast sausages for tea instead haha)

 – pasta bolognese & garlic bread (a family favourite – Alyssia has loved this since she was 7 months old and still loves it now)

 – Smoky Chicken Fajitas & Salad

 – Out for dinner (Usually we see my Grandad every Wednesday but have now moved it to a Thursday as it suits us all better)

 – Chinese Food (we usually see my brother and robs brother & family on a Friday so my meal plan always ends up going out the window and we end up buying takeout so I’ve decided this week not to bother planning it)

 – Chicken steaks, sweet potato wedges & green beans (one of my new favourites – so simple but so much healthier than the standard “chicken & chips”)

 – Egg, chips & beans (quick & easy dinner for us, and seen as we already had roast dinner tonight we are going to skip it this week)

Why should you meal plan?

Saves money 
– no random picking stuff up off the shelves, because you only buy what is on your shopping list. You buy less takeaways because you don’t get the “what are we going to have for dinner?” question.. you know what you are cooking because it’s all written down on a meal plan.

Saves time
 – although you sit and write a shopping list it saves you walking around the shop 20 times before you get home to then realise you’ve only got enough food for 2 days and the test of the week you’re going to be eating frozen chips and baked beans..

 – you feel organized which is usually a good feeling. I love to be organised, I suffer with anxiety so shopping can be hard sometimes – meal planning & then shopping online helps alot! I think organization & routine is so important when you are a parent.

“What’s for dinner?”
 – that annoying question that everybody asks you at 4pm.. the kids are hungry, your partners hungry, & you’re hungry.. but you have no idea what to put on the table.. sound familiar? I suggest you start meal planning, it is so easy to do!

If you’re cooking for a big family or somebody with food allergies, (like my 1 year old – allergic to dairy) it can be so hard to find a meal suitable for the whole family.

It’s healthy!! 
– You find yourself eating more fruit and vegetables rather than crisps & chocolate for tea.

Less waste
 – as a little family of 3 I found that we were cooking too much for what we could eat and most of it would end up in the bin. But since I’ve been meal planning, I only buy what I need and only buy enough for the 3 of us – if ever there is any left over we will freeze it or have it for lunch the next day.

Different meals every day 
– “pasta again?” nobody likes to eat the same foods for dinner more than 2 or 3 times a week so why not change it up a bit by planning a completely different meal for each day of the week.

Some people meal plan breakfast, lunch & dinner but I just do dinner times, some people also meal plan for the month but I find it really hard to stick to it as my partner changes his mind on what he wants to eat 10 times a day.

Weekly meal planning works alot better for us. 
What works best for you?

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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