Messy play with a toddler 

Messy play with a toddler 

Over the weekend I took a bit of a break from social media and decided to spend some quality time with my little girl. As I said in a recent Instagram post, I’ve been feeling quite guilty for spending so much time working on the blog launching my new project & sending and replying to emails.. that I’ve not really spent any proper time with Alyssia. Obviously we sit and play every day but sometimes it’s just nice to be in the moment, without being distracted.

Alyssia loves to make a mess, she always has done.. so I thought I would get the paints out and let her explore. We’ve not done any painting in quite a while now, she has always been too young and just tried to eat it but this time she seemed to get the hang of it and she really enjoyed getting messy.

I have been trying extra hard lately to up my game with teaching Alyssia to talk, her speech is really coming along recently & she is learning new words all the time. I tried to explain the colours to her and talked her through what we were doing, she replies and actually tries to have a conversation now which is great – however I still can’t understand what she’s saying a lot of the time.


At first she looked at me as if to say “Am I allowed mummy? I encouraged her to touch the paint and she smeared it everywhere thinking it was absolutely hilarious. She realised that she could make prints using her hands and she loved that she could print it anywhere. Alyssia can say “Red” and “blue” but she doesn’t say them on demand, its more or less when she feels like it or in my case (when nobodies bloody watching) haha!!


I am so so grateful to have this little girl in my life, she adds colour and laughter to every single day and its the little things like taking half an hour away from blogging to see those extra smiles. She is growing up so fast and with recent horrific events happening, it really has made me realise that life is too short & we need to spend as much time with our babies as possible. I know you shouldn’t live every day ‘on the edge’ but it does make you think “what if”.



Of course I couldn’t expect her not to get it everywhere, she did touch her mouth with the paintbrush but it was much more successful than when we did it at around 7 months old, she wouldn’t stop eating the paint. We also did some mummy & daughter hand and footprints in which we both really enjoyed doing.


After we did our messy play we got straight in the bath, not only was Alyssia covered from head to toe but I was too. The bath water was colourful to say the least, Alyssia also found this quite fascinating too. After her bath she was still in the mood to play so we put some old clothes on her and got the chalks out.

Alyssia is 15 months old now and is such a little explorer, she loves drawing and enjoys using crayons however I’ve found that she can’t push the crayons down as much and they seem to be harder for her to draw with. We have found that using chalk and a chalkboard is a good option, although it can be messy – Alyssia loves to use the chalkboard. I actually got this in Asda a few months ago, it was bought for Alyssia’s birthday party but it has had so much use since which is good.

Toddlers go through different phases all the time and they get bored very easily. I’ve found myself doing the same things with her over and over again so I dug out a post that I wrote on ‘Activities for toddlers’ last month and we have been trying a few of those recently too but sometimes all they want to do is just sit and watch Cbeebies, which is fine.


For anybody wondering where it is all from, the paint caddy £4.99 & the messy mat £2.99 are from B&M and the chalkboard £4 & chalks £1 are from Asda as stated above.

Do your little ones enjoy messy play too? or are you too scared to even attempt it? (Honestly, its not that bad)


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


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