Money Saving Tips for Feeding the Family this Autumn/Winter

I am always looking for ways to save money and ways to grab a bargain, but I’m also quite a good spender when I want to be. I have been looking online recently and after realising that you can get so much more for your money when making things from scratch, I have been thinking of investing in one of those trendy panasonic bread makers. Banana Bread is really in at the moment and I would love to try and make some myself. Its October now and christmas is slowly creeping up on us, surely I’m not the only one who struggles with money around Christmas time? So here are some ways in which you can save money when feeding the family:

Meal plan: I try and meal plan every week if I can but I do sometimes find it quite difficult to think of new meal ideas so I have found myself on pinterest quite a lot recently trying to find some new recipes to try. If I don’t meal plan I find myself picking up random stuff around the shops & when I get home I can only make 1 or 2 meals which means I then have to go out and spend even more money doing top up shops.

Invest in a slow cooker: Honestly, buying a slow cooker was one of the best things we ever did. It only cost about £20 from B&M and it has lasted us a whole year already. It is super convenient and saves you money in the long run if you use it at the end of the week when you have lots of left over food to use up. One of our favourites is Sausage Casserole but I know that stews are also very popular over the winter months.

Make things from scratch: for example – bread using a bread maker. As I said above, Banana bread is really in at the minute and I would love to make some for myself rather than paying £2 for a tiny one in the supermarket. Baking cakes from scratch is another great way to save money and making your own pizza is another one rather than spending £20 in Dominoes.

Shop around & Do it online: I used to be a loyal Tesco shopper until we realised that we were spending way too much money each week. Now we shop around & spend less. Doing your shopping online stops you from picking up random bits & bobs around the shop and helps you keep track of what you’re spending.

Take a packed lunch: If you are off out for the day or are heading off to work, take a packed lunch rather than eating out. £3 meal deals are the worst culprit here and you can save so much more by taking your own, this is something that I am always telling my partner.

Over the next few months I aim to save money back for christmas presents by following these 5 top tips.



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  • I found I was wasting money on the 7 for £3 mix up Jelly Pots. I found I only saved 50p. So I brought some little pots with lids off ebay and brought the jelly cubes for 55p. They fill up 5 of the little pots which my son takes to school. The only downside is that its only one flavour and cant mix up the deal but I save myself £2.45 a week.

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