Mummy’s Christmas Wishlist

Mummy’s Christmas Wishlist

Now that I’m a mum, christmas is solely based on everybody else but what does mummy want for christmas? Of course I want nothing but for my little family to be happy & safe *obviously* but who else remembers writing long christmas lists whilst choosing from those chunky Argos catalogues (which they’re apparently stopping, whaaat!) I remember sitting there one night with a pen circling all the gifts I wanted & then writing them on a list to give to Santa, haha oh those were the days.. now I’m sat here writing christmas lists on what to buy my one year old…

What would Mummy like for Christmas this year?

1.  Blog Planner – I’ve been blogging now for a good 6 months & I have gone through notebooks like they’re going out of fashion. I started using a word document as a blog planner but it’s getting quite obvious to me now that I need a set planner specifically for sponsored posts & any other blog work.

2. Heart Rate Monitor – A fitbit would be ideal but the cost just isn’t justifiable in my eyes when you can get one off Amazon for a fraction of the price. I’ve been having trouble with my heart rate being in the 120’s causing my anxiety to go through the roof so I was prescribed beta blockers to bring it down. It has definetely worked but I am curious to see how I am doing when I’m asleep so a ‘knock off fitbit’ £35 on Amazon would be ideal.

3. Mama Necklace – I never used to be into jewellery, but now I wear my 2 rings from Rob & my pandora bracelet. I haven’t worn a necklace in so long and I would love to have a ‘mama’ necklace for christmas this year.

4. Bath Bomb – Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb from Lush? I only ever seem to indulge in them over christmas and I am a big fan of the limited edition snow fairy!

5. Christmas Magic Yankee Candle – We went to a Garden Centre the other week & I was in my element surrounded by hundreds of Yankee candles in the shop, of course I was looking at the christmas scents & instantly fell in love with this one.

6. Sideboard – I have wanted a sideboard for so long and we still haven’t got one, we used to have a toy storage unit but moved that into Alyssia’s room and have replaced it temporarily with a toy box until we can afford the sideboard however we need a new TV first so I guess I’ll have to wait.

7. Bath Bridge – I love these! I don’t usually spend much time in the bathroom but now that I have revamped my bathroom I feel like its a much nicer place to be. I included this in my christmas gift guide as I think this would make a lovely gift and would really like one for myself.

8. Estee Lauder Foundation – I have been looking for a good coverage foundation for so long and every time I ask for recommendations this is always top of the list. I really want to try it but the price tag puts me off. Is it worth it?

9. Family Life Book – I’ve added this one on last minute but I would really really love one of these, I keep looking at it and wanting to buy it for myself. I feel like this would help me to be super organised in 2018 and that is one of my main goals for next year. Its so tempting & I LOVE the mustard colour.


What are you asking for this christmas?


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  1. December 8, 2017 / 8:48 am

    I’ve asked for a Fitbit for Christmas… I don’t know why to be honest because it’s not like I do any exercise. But once the baby has arrived I’m sure they’ll be a lot of pram pushing involved so I’d like to keep track of my steps, the heart rate monitor on them would be perfect for me and my silly heart palpitations too! And also I saw that they track your sleep? That’ll be interesting to see with a newborn!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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