My 1 year olds favourite toys 

My 1 year olds favourite toys 

Like most 1 year olds, Alyssia is into absolutely everything at the minute but here are 10 of her favourites listed below:

1 – Mickey mouse train – Alyssia absolutely loves this train, she likes to take the figures out and push the train around our living room and quite enjoys putting her toot toot figures onto the train too haha! It plays a tune, and goes forward if you pull it back.

2. Unicornthis was on offer around Christmas time and with the whole unicorn theme coming into fashion, I couldn’t resist buying it for her! It flashes and has 2 settings, one to rock and one to gallop.

3. Piggy bankthis has been a favourite from the start, We got this when Alyssia was about 7 months old and she’s loved it ever since. Only recently she’s been able to post the coins through the slot but she has really loved being able to open the door and empty it continuously. It sings songs and ‘oinks’ if you push the nose.

4. Beatbellethis is a favourite in our household – it’s quite expensive but we got it on a deal with Tesco around Christmas time. It sings and dances, it can record your voice and play it back to you and has lots of different features. I like the fact that it lights up and flashes all different colours, catching your attention.

5. Minnie mouse shape sorter – this is Alyssias new favourite, this past week she has done nothing but run around with this in her hand and she’s learnt to post all the shapes in the right holes. I love this one as it’s simple, there’s only 4 shapes with 4 different colours whereas some of the shape sorter aren’t colour coded and can be quite complicated for little ones.

6. Picnic basket – Alyssia loves this picnic basket, it comes with a picnic blanket, two cups, 2 plates, 2 forks and some food. This toy has taught Alyssia to share, which I think is really good at just 13 months old. It sings songs and asks questions so it will be good for when Alyssia is abit older too.

7. Dolls house this was another Facebook bargain, it’s the happyland dolls house which originally costs £50 but I got it for £2 on a selling site – amazing!! Alyssia loves playing with this and I think it’s definitely helped with her imaginative side. We bought her some happy land fairy figures for Christmas, they cost just £6 in the Mothercare sale.

8. Toot toot castle – Alyssia got this for Christmas when she was 10 months old and she has played with it pretty much every day since. I’ve had alot of people ask me about this and whether it is worth the buy, I would definitely recommend it. You can ask family members to buy the extra characters at Christmas and birthdays too, it’s brilliant. 

9. Baby & pram – Alyssia got the pram for Christmas from her Aunty, she has just got the hang of pushing the pram around and likes to give the baby lots of cuddles.

10. Zebra bounce and spin this is a new one for Alyssia, realistically we’ve had it for months, I bought it second hand for a fiver on a Facebook site when she was about 7 months old – obviously she was far too young for it back then so we’ve not let her have it until now. She’s now 13 months old and this past week she has learnt to get on and off of it, and bounce by herself (mostly just bopping her head – but she tries bless her)
What are your children’s favourite toys?

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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