My Favourite Things About Alyssia at 2 years old

I haven’t written an update on Alyssia since she was 18 months old, she is now nearly 26 months old if you want to work out their ages by months, if not – She’s 2. I am finding it harder to write updates now that she is much older because she is just growing and changing constantly. So with inspiration from my lovely friend Hanna, I have decided to also write a ‘favourites’ post on Alyssia talking about the things that make me smile and what I love most about her at this age.

– She’s talking so much more now and has really developed a sassy side to her, which I secretly love.

– I love how confident she is in herself and how independent she is.

– Her love for babies and teddies, she is going to make such a great big sister.

– The way she strings her words together, she asks for “Juice in Fridge” when she wants some fresh juice.

– The way she comforts me and just knows when I’m feeling sad or wobbly, “you okay mummy?” “Yes Alyssia, are you okay?” “Yeah!” Bless her!

– She loves being outside and loves to explore.

– How excited she gets when Daddy comes home from work, she shouts “Run, hide from daddy” and gets under her blanket for him to then come and find her.

– How cheeky she is, she has the cheekiest grin ever.

– Her love for animals. I can’t wait to take her to the Zoo now that she’s a bit older.

– Her speech is amazing, she knows exactly what she wants and can show you exactly where/what she means.

– She copies the sign language and sings “Shine, shine shine shine shineeee” from Mr Tumble.

– The way she says “I love you mummy”

– Her thank you’s are amazing, she is so polite and I am so proud of her for that.

– The way she helps me with the washing / household chores and tells me if I’ve missed a bit.

– The way she says “baby in mummys tummy” and then gets her own belly out. Hahaha!

– Her hilarious fashion sense. Pyjama top, a pull up & her wellies.

– Her imagination is amazing.

– The way she loves going out in the car.

– The way she looks at you before she does something cheeky.

And most of all the love she has for the people closest to her. I am so proud of her in so many ways. 2 years on, I stilll can’t believe we’ve created and brought up this beautiful little human all by ourselves, she’s honestly incredible.

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