My First Christmas with Mothercare

Christmas comes around so fast every year but each year it seems to feel even more magical. Christmas is absolutely amazing when you have children of your own and this year will be Isabelle’s first Christmas and Alyssia’s third. I am SO excited. We cracked out the Christmas decor early again this year and I am so glad we did. The living room feels so cosy with the Christmas tree up and the girls are loving it.

The girls are pretty much finished for Christmas now, we’ve got maybe just a few more things to get but the majority of their presents are bought and stacked on top of the wardrobe. We don’t tend to wrap the presents until Christmas Eve. We usually wrap them together once the kids are in bed; have a chinese takeaway and watch a Christmas film with a drink in hand. I love collecting all of their presents over the months and then getting them all out on Christmas Eve to see what we’ve bought.

I’m excited to see Alyssia’s face on Christmas Day, we’ve really thought about her presents this year and have got her gifts that she will love and gifts that will last a long time. I love buying wooden toys for the kids, I feel like they last so much longer but there are also some really good quality plastic toys too. Kids LOVE colourful plastic let’s be real.

With it being Belle’s first Christmas we have gone with the more practical and sentimental gifts for her. Mothercare have some really lovely first christmas gifts in at the minute, including a beautiful personalised towel RRP: Β£16, a My First Christmas Bauble RRP: Β£6 and a My First Christmas Bear RRP: Β£8 alongside the practical gifts like clothes, bibs etc.. with her main present being a Skiphop Jumpscape.

My First Christmas Bear

I love the my first christmas bear, it’s super soft and has a rattle inside which Isabelle loves. Each year I usually do Alyssia a Christmas eve box but with Isabelle being so little, I thought it would be a better idea to just put a few things together instead. This year I will lay out a pair of Christmas pjs each, a book and a teddy in which I think will be lovely for Christmas Eve.

Personalised Towel

The personalised christmas towel is my all time favourite gift. I’ve always loved personalised gifts for children and I’m usually the one in the family most known to buy something personalised, I just love it. The towel itself is amazing quality, it’s the softest towel I think I’ve ever touched and is quite generous in size considering it’s a baby towel. This would make a great gift and would also be a lovely item to add into a Christmas eve box. We will be using this towel through December but I will also use it on Christmas Eve with her. As you can see it looks super cosy, Isabelle was tired hence the poses, bless her.

My First Christmas Bauble

And last but not least the my first christmas bauble. I love this, it’s such a lovely little addition to keep on the Christmas tree and no doubt will be kept in her baby keepsake box. Looking on the Mothercare website, you can also get personalised baubles for example; they have a Paddington bear one which I’m a little bit in love with and all sorts of other Christmas gifts. A lot of the gifts you can get personalised for just a few pounds more and I think it just makes the gift that little bit more special. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth having a look at the Mothercare Christmas Range especially if you’re buying for babies this Christmas.

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