My NameTags Review & Giveaway

We were very kindly sent some name tags to review from ‘My NameTags’ and I loved them so much that I arranged a giveaway with them so that you guys have a chance to win a pack of your own. I went on the website and designed my own, at first I thought there was only hello kitty & mr men but I soon found that actually there are hundreds of designs to choose from whether that be butterflies, frogs, cars or pirates, you name it and its there. You can choose the background designs including patterned and plain colours and can also choose the font of your writing. You can fit 2 names on the nametags which is good for when you have someone at school or nursery with the same name as you can put your surname as I did here with Alyssia’s:

Alyssia loves owls, probably something to do with the fact that her bedroom is full of owl wallpaper and accessories but she helped me choose this one on the website, it was a toss up between the owls and santa claus, but I explained that Santa wouldn’t be coming again for another year so we settled on the owl which she then went on to say was ‘Ahhhh Cuteeee’ (her new thing by the way).

Alyssia doesn’t go to nursery yet but these will be great for when she does, I can stick them on her lunch box, water bottle, clothes labels, her school bag you name it and you can stick it on them.. When I was younger I thought my mum was crazy labelling all of our school clothes, shoes, book bags, pencils, pencil cases the whole shebang.. but now I totally get it. Quite a few times we have been to soft play and I have lost something, if it had a name tag on it it would be easily given back to the right person. Right?

These name tags are really good quality and I love the whole process of designing them yourself. If you haven’t already, check out their website here. Without further ado, lets get winning some competitions..


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*products were sent to me for the purpose of this review.

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