My October Self Care Challenge

It’s October! When did this happen? The year has absolutely flown by and it’s getting closer and closer to my 19th birthday. My daughter is 19 months old now and I’m still suffering with anxiety. I mean, what can I expect I’ve been suffering for years but not this badly.. depression has played a big part in my life, I had it before Alyssia & also after, but the problem is that It’s still affecting me to the point where I hardly leave the house. I feel the mum guilt on a daily basis & I panic about all sorts of things. I don’t know why, but I do. However, I have decided to crack down on it & punch my anxiety square in the face (not literally, but you know what I mean) things need to change, so I am setting my self a little challenge, a few little challenges actually..

  1. Get up dressed & maybe put some make up on every day in October – Now I used to be someone that would put makeup on and get dressed the moment I woke up, but now I just don’t have the time, effort or motivation and I hate to admit it, but I pretty much only get dressed if I need to go out or if somebody’s coming round. The same with makeup, I have found that getting up earlier & setting myself a little bit of time to get myself ready and looking half presentable, has given me a massive confidence boost and I want to feel like that every single day, even if we don’t go anywhere.. which brings me onto my next challenge.
  2. Leave the house at 3 times a weekΒ – I didn’t realise this was such a problem until the week had suddenly flown by and I hadn’t left the house in 7 days.. what is wrong with me? I hadn’t even noticed & that was quite concerning. I wasn’t hiding away on purpose, I just had no interest in seeing anybody and just wanted to sleep & stay inside with the curtains shut. This is NOT good & is a massive sign of depression taking over. This also made it a lot harder to leave the house afterwards because I hadn’t been out in the ‘real world’ in so long that I felt so uneasy. I am making it my challenge to leave the house at least 3 times a week in October, whether that be to go out for the day or to just simply go & check the mail.
  3. Be more positiveΒ – I’m generally quite a positive person but sometimes my thoughts get the better of me & I start to speak the way I feel which isn’t always good.
  4. Blogtober – Now this is a challenge in itself, I am blogging every single day this month.. yay!

I just want things to be easier & not so much a struggle. In general, I’m very happy with my life currently. I have a beautiful little family and we have exciting plans for the future but my mental health can be very temperamental and while I am often quite happy, it can easily go wrong so here I am trying to better myself for October.


4 thoughts on “My October Self Care Challenge

  • Ah I just want to give you a big hug hun! I could relate to so very much, it can feel easier to stay in the house can’t it but it does get to a point where it becomes unhealthy. I’m really glad to see the little challenges you’ve set yourself, it’s great that you recognise what you need to do for you and your mental health and that you’re acting on it. I too like to get up that little bit extra early and make an effort with myself, it can make all the difference can’t it. Thank you for sharing and keep it up xo

  • This is such a great post Zoe! I seem to really only leave the house on weekends because that’s when Bradley isn’t at work…! Mon-Fri I’m usually inside all day, I don’t even realise it sometimes. I do love going out when I get the chance to though. I try to make it my mission to go out once a week on my own now because it really helps me ‘think’! Even a little bit of shopping on my own, I enjoy being in my own company too much… which is why I probably stay inside most of the time!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    • It’s so hard isn’t it. I’m glad I’m not the only one, my partner also works all week and is only home for a full day on the weekends so that’s when we usually go somewhere too. I hardly ever go out by myself but I’ve taken Alyssia to the park once or twice on my own recently which has been good. I do need to try harder for the sake of Alyssia but my anxiety gets the best of me sometimes. I also love the comfort of my own home so do like to stay inside but like I say before you know it, the weeks flown by and you’ve not gone anywhere haha. Xx

  • Love you Rob and Aylssia loads Zoe, there was a time I wouldn’t go anywhere on my own and was treated for Anxiety and before that I wouldn’t walk home from work alone, my dad had to walk me home or uncle Keith had top give me a lift. Now sometimes I have to go out because I cannot bear to be in the flat because of my issues, and have to get away, so I go into town, just to get out of the flat because it unbearable to stay in. But then some days I don’t mind. xx

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