Nursery Decor, Shelfies and Instagram Shops | Its A Haslam Thing

Nursery Decor, Shelfies and Instagram Shops | Its A Haslam Thing

I have recently discovered Instagram shops and I am loving supporting small businesses. I am always scrolling through my timeline and seeing handmade items pop up on my feed, so when I came across Its A Haslam Thing on Instagram – I couldn’t help but fall in love with the handmade items, they were just perfect and I knew that they would look amazing in Alyssia’s bedroom.

Alyssia is 16 months old now and we didn’t decorate her room until she was around a year old. She had a lilac bedroom as a baby but when she hit 1 we decided to redecorate it to bright pink with owl wallpaper as a feature wall. I have always wanted to make Alyssia’s room pretty and I have slowly but surely been adding more and more pretty little items to her collection.

I received 3 lovely handmade/handpainted items from Its A Haslam Thing. The first item I received was this lovely stacking cloud. It has 3 pastel colours, purple, blue and a pastel pink which I love. This would make a perfect gift and fits perfectly in my daughters bedroom. When we unwrapped the parcel I didn’t want Alyssia to touch them as they were so beautiful but she insisted, so I let her play with them for a while and she actually showed me something I didn’t know/realise.. These stacking clouds slot together and actually work like a puzzle. Alyssia has a little elephant on her bedroom shelf which she loves to do the same with. It’s funny how a 1 year old can be so clever and actually teach you something new rather than the other way around. Toddlers are amazing.

The second item I received was this lovely little peg doll, these make such lovely presents and are amazing for shelfies and flatlays if you’re a blogger. A little partner to go with my stacking cloud. I am a massive fan of the pastel colours and just love the way it looks standing on the shelf in Alyssia’s bedroom. Its A Haslam Thing also sell personalised peg dolls which I also love, they also come in lots of different colours and 2 different sizes.

And finally, last but definitely not least, the third item I received was this amazing personalised coat hanger. This is my favourite item of the three, not only does it have my daughters name on it but on the other side it has the hashtag #OOTD. This means ‘Outfit Of The Day’ in the world of Instagram for any of you who have been living under a rock. I didn’t realise that the coat hanger was double sided when I ordered it so when I opened up my parcel I was pleasantly surprised and was actually quite excited as I had been contemplating ordering an #OOTD coat hanger so that I could take flatlays for my Instagram page.


This Instagram/Etsy shop is amazing, It is run by a lovely lady called Jodie. She has 2 little boys, one who is 3 years old and one who is now 7 years old. Jodie did an interior design open university degree 10 years ago and really enjoyed it, she says that this is where her inspiration originally came from and when she had her 2 little boys, she really loved making handmade items for their nurseries so decided to turn her hobby into a little business. My experience with Its A Haslam Thing has been a very positive experience, the communication between myself and the business owner has been amazing and it was all made and delivered within just 2 weeks of placing an order which I thought was incredible considering she gets lots of orders on a daily basis. Overall I was extremely happy with the products that I received, Jodie has stated on her Etsy Shop that she is a perfectionist and If something isn’t quite right she will start the project again until it is perfect… this statement is true.. our products were perfect & I am so happy with them.


Its A Haslam Thing also sell…
  • Personalised door signs,
  • Personalised princess crowns,
  • Teepee sets,
  • Flag pennants,
  • Stacking rainbows,
  • Wooden lashes,
  • Teacher gifts,
  • Big/Little Sister plaques
  • Big/Little Brother plaques
  • Freestanding wooden superhero masks
  • Freestanding sleepy clouds
  • Wooden blocks
  • Hair clip holders
  • Wooden letters
  • Hair clips
  • … and lots lots more!!



If you don’t already, please please go over and give Jodie’s business a follow on Instagram. She is an incredible lady and you can really see how much love that has gone into making her products.

You can also find her Etsy shop here.


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x



*disclaimer – I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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