Our Day Out At Legoland Windsor


So last Saturday we went to Legoland in Windsor, it is somewhere that I have always wanted to go since I was little and seen as my Grandad actually invented a bigger version of the lego bricks called EasyBrick, it seemed appropriate to go and explore so when we booked the tickets I was super excited for our day out as a family. We left the house at 6:45am bright & early and began our adventure, I was an anxious wreck, I don’t know If I was excited, nervous or both? I was nervous for the 156 mile drive up more than anything, I passed my driving test a year ago and I’ve been on the motorway a handful of times but this would be my longest drive to date. Once we had set off I was fine, until about half an hour in and then I began to panic again, we finally stopped at fleet services after nearly 2 hours of being in the car. Another 30 minutes went by and we had officially arrived at Legoland Windsor.

Luckily we had paid for priority parking meaning that we could park closer to the entrance, but this didn’t make any difference to the size of the queue. It was miles long and I mean, miles long. I’m assuming this is because of the recent attacks in the UK but everyone had to have their bags searched for sharp items which made the process a whole lot longer. The park was really busy (my worst nightmare but what can you expect on a weekend in the summer holidays) and my anxiety hit the roof but I got on with it and I was fine.

The first thing we did when we arrived at Legoland was go and look at the figures and see the view of Windsor Castle which was in the far distance. The views were incredible and Alyssia kept pointing out the trees (one of the many words she knows & recognises)

We went on to explore the lego figures that had been carefully made piece by piece, they were amazing and Alyssia was pretty shocked too by the looks of it (this is her shocked face).

This is Alyssia’s shocked face.
We did get a nice one of her sitting still though.
Alyssia exploring with Uncle Ben.

We found a life size Iron Man made out of Lego so of course we had to try and get a picture with it (even if Alyssia didn’t cooperate for the photo haha) If I’m honest there was a lot of brilliant photo opportunities around the adventure park which as a blogger, I absolutely loved.

Mummy & Liss with Iron Man


My Little Family.

Alyssia got back in the pushchair & was pretty chilled out after her little run around (as you can see)

Alyssia chilling with her feet up #TypicalToddler

There was lots to do at Legoland and a lot of rides to go on however there was not much suitable for Alyssia’s age group, we went to visit the hotel facilities and there were Lego Duplo Stations which was perfect for not only Alyssia but also perfect for my 7 year old brother who has Autism, Alyssia played happily for a good 10 minutes before she found an escape route and Leo loved building with the bricks.


Overall my favourite part of the day was walking through the mini land gardens (I know this makes me sound like such a mum) & seeing all of the buildings and figures made out of Lego. It was actually fascinating!

Buckingham Palace
The Eiffel Tower










I wasn’t too fussed about the rides and I definitely wasn’t up for waiting 40 minutes every time in the queues. However, we did go on one ride and that was the hot air balloon ride, unfortunately this was after it had started tipping it down with rain. We stood in the queue for 20 minutes in the pouring rain before deciding to come home, we were drenched (as you can see). Leo went on a few rides which he enjoyed & he had a go in the driving range which he absolutely loved.




Mummy & Liss Selfie



We went off for a walk whilst Leo went on the boat ride, Alyssia loved the views as much as I did and kept pointing to different things. She liked the Mount Rushmore statue too which I thought was pretty cool although I will be honest and say I had no idea what it was at first, don’t get me wrong – I recognised it but from where? I do not know… We sat on the bench for a good 10 minutes after climbing a massive hill so here’s a selfie.





Mount Rushmore – Legoland

Here are some of the other Lego figures that we saw around the park:

My brother bought Alyssia a Lego Batgirl in the Legoland Shop in which she is absolutely obsessed with. She was drawn to it as soon as we entered the shop but I told her we couldn’t buy it as I didn’t have a spare £20 to spend on a soft toy. You could see she was disappointed but we carried on and then my brother took her back over to the soft toys & bought it for her, her face lit up and she wouldn’t put it down.


We travelled nearly 3 hours to go to Legoland and overall we really enjoyed our trip, personally I think it is a little bit overpriced costing around £60 per person and the food prices are mad too costing nearly £8 for a hot dog & a drink. I am so glad we took a packed lunch otherwise we would have had no choice but to pay the price for food. I am glad we went, I really enjoyed the mini land and appreciate the amount of work gone into building it all.

I was so glad to see that I wasn’t the only one at Legoland with a selfie stick, I thought people would think I was mad but they didn’t. I vlogged for the first time today and I am so happy that I did. I’m still not confident enough to talk on camera, especially in public (anxiety alert) but I am slowly but surely getting there and would love it if you watched our trip to Legoland video on Youtube.


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