Our First Week of Baby Led Weaning

After doing purees for the first month with my first baby, the thought of baby led weaning was a bit daunting. I never understood BLW before and always had the mindset of "how can a baby go from drinking milk for 6 months to adult foods straight away?" It didnt quite sit right with me. I had been umming and arring about giving BLW a go this time so decided to buy a few jars of pureed food anyway just in case.

We started with half a jar of carrot & potato puree, at first she wasn't sure but she seemed to enjoy it. She kept trying to grab the spoon and didn't like it when I spoon fed it to her, in the end I decided to just go for it and give her the spoon. She got messy but she much preffered it that way. It was at this point I knew that baby led was the way forward. I then tried her with some finger foods, I didn't think she'd be interested but she was right in there with the ellas kitchen melty puffs. They are definitely a firm fave.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share what I gave Isabelle to eat in her first week of BLW (I'm winging it but I'm learning lots along the way) this is what she had:


Day 1 - Carrot & Potato Jar Puree, Ella's Kitchen Melty Puffs & a Bluberry Kiddylicious Wafer.

Day 2 - Porridge Oats, Blueberry Pancakes (it was pancake day) Homemade Cottage Pie with Broccoli on the side & a kiddylicious wafer for pudding.

Day 3 - Toast cut into strips, Cucumber sticks, melty puffs. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips, low fat sausages & cooked carrot sticks. Half a banana yoghurt for pudding.

Day 4 - Pasta Bake & Broccoli with a Banana for snack.

Day 5 - Cheese & Tomato Pinwheel, melty puffs, vegetable fingers with sweet potato frozen cubes (ellas kitchen - currently Β£1 a pack in Tescos)

Day 6 - Toast, Jam Sandwiches, Melty puffs

Day 7 - Healthy Chicken goujons and riceΒ 


As you can see she ate a variety of different foods, she loves getting stuck in and loves to do it herself. At first I really wasn't sure how much she would want, should I offer her something at every meal or is 3 meals a day too much for a 6m old? I've learnt that every baby is different therefore every baby will eat differently. We're now on our third week of weaning and we still don't have a set routine. I struggle with breakfast unless its a weekend as shes quite happy to have her 7oz bottle of milk and then have something to eat around 9.30am when her sister is at nursery (3 days a week). She wasn't fussed about lunch at first either but I always do lunch at 12. She loves a sandwich and some melty puffs for lunch it seems. Her favourite so far was the Cheese & Tomato Pinwheel from Tesco Deli counter, this week I'm going to try and make my own though. We have tried a few main meals with her now and her favourites so far have been the ones I have made myself (win) she absolutely loved my cottage pie and also loved her first Roast Dinner this week. Our new favourite thing is to all sit at the table together when Alyssia gets home from nursery, I love seeing the girls sit and laugh together its so lovely.

So far weaning has been great fun, I love that she can eat what we eat (pretty much - I do have jars as a back up if dinner isn't suitable for her) but as time has gone on, she is starting to enjoy being spoon fed too - at first she was point blank refusing. I love that I can eat my dinner at the same time as the girls.

Isabelle's Fave meals so far: Cottage Pie, Roast Dinner, Spag Bol.

Isabelle's Fave snacks so far: Melty Puffs, Kiddylicious Wafers, Strawberries, Cucumber

Products we're using: Nuby Sip & Grip Cup, Doidy Bowl, Doidy Cup, Nuby Suction Plates, Nuby Bibs, Nuby spoons. ~ Nuby, Doidy ~


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  • Yet another landmark in Isabelle’s progress and its a big feather in your cap for being such a clever mummy, the question is what comes next ….. Sending you all lots of love hugs and kisses xx

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