Piccolo Review & Giveaway

Parenting is hard sometimes, don’t you think? I’m totally feeling it this week. Alyssia is nearly 2 and has done nothing but tantrum this week, throwing herself on the floor at every given opportunity and seems to quite enjoy screaming at me when I tell her no but hey, that’s toddlers right? She seems to be wanting to snack a lot lately rather than eating a set meal like her lunch, her favourite mid morning snack at the minute is either a fruity pouch or smoothie so when we received a big box full of piccolo pouches she was more than excited, honestly you should have seen her little face light up.. I let her go straight in and grab whichever flavour she liked, she chose banana & demolished it within seconds.. Piccolo, its a yes from Alyssia!

I feel like when your little one starts weaning there’s this massive pressure to make it all from scratch, don’t get me wrong I did do that at first but it was a massive faff and I just needed someone to make life easier for me, Piccolo pouches do just that. They’re great for just chucking in the changing bag for when you’re out and about and also a great bribe if your child tantrums as much as mine does (terrible twos are no joke guys). We have tried a handful of brands when it comes to pouches and Piccolo seem to be Alyssia’s favourite alongside Ella’s Kitchen and Asda’s Little Angels. I love the packaging on these pouches, they seem so simplistic and look pretty good stocked up in your fridge. All information is clearly stated on the back, there’s nothing hidden and it’s all healthy and homemade.

Quick tip: If you have children that refuse to eat their fruit and veg its worth trying them on a piccolo pouch, they’re not just for babies… infact my 8 year old brother loves a fruit pouch. You can even make homemade Pizza’s using Piccolo pouches, check out Gee’s blog post for the recipe.

We were very kindly sent a months supply of Fruity pouches from Piccolo themselves, how amazing is that?! For your chance to be sent the same, enter my giveaway here:

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