Planning a birthday party

So this time last year I was 40 weeks pregnant, ready to pop.. today was my due date. Little did I know that after weeks of contractions, my baby girl was going to keep me waiting another whole week!!

 (This was her first ever outfit which has now actually been made into a memory blanket)

1 week today until Alyssia’s 1st birthday and I am trying my hardest to get my head around it. Where has the year gone? I am feeling so emotional already.. (I have definitely turned into such a softy since having a baby)

We are planning to have a little get together at our flat on the Wednesday for family but we’re just asking for people to “come & go as they please” so that there isn’t too many people and so that it’s not so awkward with both sides of the family (you know what it’s like)

At first I felt prepared – making party bags, buying the bunting, the banners & the balloons…  but now all of a sudden I feel like I’ve got nothing planned!! I’ve also booked a slot for a party at a local soft play area for the weekend with included meals for the children – however I’m not in the slightest prepared – I take it I just turn up and pretend I know what I’m doing?

Alyssia’s party outfits are sorted, she will be wearing a pink frilly dress on the Wednesday & a personalised bodysuit & tutu for her birthday party at the weekend. I think I will also be using the tutu for her cakesmash too which is exciting.

As most of you know Alyssia is dairyfree so it’s often hard to find a suitable cake that she can have – so we are making our own!! I am so nervous but so excited, I have bought a peppa pig cake topper too along with some personalised rice paper for the cupcakes (As you can see I’ve put alot of thought into it, let’s just hope it turns out okay)

So far I have got:
• Banners
• Bunting
• Balloons
• Tablecloth, Plates etc
• cake smash props (tutu, pom poms etc)
• presents (obviously)
• Party bags & fillers
• Birthday cake & cupcakes – planned
• Outfits sorted

I need to buy:
•helium balloons
•birthday card
•party food

Is there anything else that I need but have forgotten?? This is my first time doing a birthday party and I am clueless. I am hoping that it all goes to plan.
I am planning to do a birthday blog post including pictures of the day & a birthday haul but again – we shall see.

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


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