Potty Training Before Baby #2 Arrives

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve wanted to potty train Alyssia for so long but she’s not been quite ready and I didn’t want to push it. She’s now 2 years old and understands a lot more so I figured that while we are preparing for the arrival of her baby sister, it’s about time we started this whole potty training malarchy. I’ve been asking friends for their tips and tricks because I’ve never had to do this before and I’ll be honest, I’m pretty clueless. The plan is to get her out of nappies before September but with just 4 months to go I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. She currently wears pull ups and is quite aware of when she has done something in it, she will happily help herself to a pull up from the cupboard and will bring the pullup and wipes to me so that I can change her but she’s not ever told me before shes done it which is what I was originally waiting for.

At first Alyssia absolutely loved her potty, she’s got a peppa pig one if you didn’t already know and she used to be obsessed with it but now she thinks it’s for her dollies and refuses to sit on it herself. I’m wondering if it’s worth skipping the potty and going straight in with the toilet training seat or if I should be persistent and continue with introducing the potty. I can imagine this will be so much easier in the summer when she can walk around with nothing on but let’s be honest nobody want’s pee on their sofa, thank god for laminate flooring and a bottle of anti-bac spray. She’s done it on the floor a few times, I’ve never told her off for it but I’ve always tried my best to tell her that if she needs a wee then she needs to do it on the potty not on the floor. We went shopping to buy a few new clothing bits and also picked up some ‘big girl pants’ for Alyssia. I gave her a choice of two and she chose the princess ones so I’m hoping this will help her with wanting to start potty training.

I seeked advice from a few other mummy’s and this is what they said:

We had a potty always a few feet away. We didn’t encourage the no nappy thing as he got upset if he had an accident. So we simply asked him to use the potty whenever he wanted a wee or a poo. It mostly worked and if we found he’d had a wee in his nappy we’d point it out to him and say that we really need to wee on the potty now. We also praised him a lot and promised him a grape for every wee….yes a grape! It was chocolate just for a number two! When we were out I basically took him to the toilet every half an hour haha! He trained in 7 days for wee’s and 2 weeks for poos. – Our Bucket List Lives

Stock up on Alcohol – Yammy Mommy 

Buy potties for upstairs downstairs & the car. We ended up with about 5 cheap ones so we were never far away as when they’ve gotta go, they’ve GOTTA go! – Twinderelmo 

Get some bed pads to put on the car seat for journeys in case of accidents! – All About A Mummy 

Grab a portable potty! and don’t start until they tell you they are ready! – Mummies Waiting 

If you have an accident on the carpet bicarbonate of soda will help remove the stain and smell! – Soph Obsessed 

Wait until the child is ready and keen, starting before they are ready just extends the stress for everyone and means more accidents whilst they learn. – Inspire Create Do 

Have a great stock of reward stickers or a reward chart to praise positive potty-ing! – Happy Family Hub 

If it’s going well for the first few days, don’t expect it to last. For all 3 of mine I thought they cracked it straight away, only for them to have quite a few accidents over the next couple of weeks. You would think I would have learnt! – Household Money Saving 

Make sure any other places your child is, grandparents, nursery etc are using the same system as you. Everybody has to be on the same page and consistent for the easiest success. – Tiny Tripping

Let them choose their own pants / knickers and make a big deal of them being ‘grown up’, plus don’t try and potty train if there’s another major event happening (new sibling / dropping naps etc.) – Mummy’s Waisted 

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