Pre-Christmas Clean with ACE

If you’re anything like me you’ll like to have a nice clean and tidy house in time for Christmas and the New Year whether that be because you have guests coming over or just for your own peace of mind. Christmas this year is just the 3 of us, and I want everything to be perfect so I’m spending the few days leading up to christmas, cleaning with Ace. I was sent 4 products to try out and I am actually quite surprised with the outcome, If I’m completely honest I had judged the book by its cover (does anybody else do that? Not on purpose, of course) and didn’t think they would be very good. Not because of the products themselves but just because I am a big dettol fan and hadn’t really heard of ACE before but it turns out they’re a global stain removing brand and thinking about it I’m sure I’ve seen my mum use some ACE products in the past. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the products and started on the kitchen right away.

ACE Multi-Purpose, Fresh Scent – Firstly lets just say how impressed I am with the lids, that sounds ridiculous I know but I am forever struggling to get the sprays to work whilst turning the tops. With ACE products they have the ON and OFF buttons on the top to help people like me who can’t work out how to work the damn thing. I didn’t realise that Multi Purpose Spray meant literally multi purpose, it has multiple purposes.. Did you know you can use it as a stain remover on your clothes too?! Amazing. This Spray Removes Stains, Hygenizes & can be used on surfaces and for coloured clothes. How have I not known about this?

ACE For Colours – This goes in your washing machine and actually smells quite nice, from what I gather you add your usual comfort/laundry detergent and then you add this on top (directly in the drum). It is good for removing all sorts of stains whether that be outdoor mud stains or food stains on your kids clothes. It actually smells so good!!

ACE Power Mousse – I think this is my favourite product of the four, not only because of the pink packaging but because I love a foamy spray. This one has bleach in so gives off quite a strong smell, but I like that when it comes to cleaning especially when cleaning the bathroom. I love my bathroom to smell clean. Not only would this spray be good for the bathroom, it would work well in the kitchen too as it removes grease from surfaces and can also be used on white laundry. Who knew there was a spray for this? I’m impressed. I think I might actually choose this one over vanish in the future as this worked really well for us.

ACE For Whites – This is another one that goes straight in the washing machine, it smells quite strongly of bleach but then again it will be diluted a lot once it’s in the washing machine.

Overall I was actually quite impressed with the Ace products, I used the stain remover on some of Alyssia’s brand new pyjama’s. She wore them once and woke up early, Rob got up with her gave her breakfast and her chocolate advent whilst still wearing her white (brand new may I add) pj’s, ahhhh! Thank god these products arrived and I could soak her pyjamas before her PJ’s were ruined.




*these products were gifted to us for the purpose of this review.Β 

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