Pregnancy Updates Week 3-13.

We’re expecting!! Baby Number #2 due September 2018! It has been so so hard to keep this pregnancy a secret for so long but I wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the baby before we announced it to the world. It has taken me a long time to get my head around it and I am so so happy that it happened so soon but I am a little anxious about it too. I have been quite poorly over the past few months, morning sickness is not fun especially when you suffer from the get go. I found out I was pregnant just after Christmas and I literally could not believe it. I had been having hot flushes and feeling a little bit off but I thought that I was just coming down with something, I did a test anyway just to check and there it was, 2 lines. I found out at just 3 weeks and now I am 14 weeks pregnant with baby number two.

Pregnancy #2 Symptoms

Over the past few months I have been secretly documenting my feelings & symptoms and have been dying to share them with you all..

Week 3

I have just found out I am pregnant with our second baby and I can’t believe it, I am happy, shocked, scared and it doesn’t quite feel real. I kept looking at the test like are you sure?! This isn’t a joke?! It feels a little too good to be true to be finding out on our anniversary. I didn’t know how to tell Rob, I quite liked being in my own little bubble and didn’t tell him until the next day. I ordered a t-shirt for Alyssia saying “I’m being promoted to big sister…” in hope that he would notice her new top, oblivious, absolutely obvilious.. he completely missed it. I got Alyssia to run in and give something to daddy.. it was the positive test.. he looked at it in absolute awe and just hugged me. We’re both honestly so happy and can’t believe Alyssia is going to be a Big Sister. Having a 2 and a half year age gap just feels so right.

Week 4

This week has been tough symptom wise, I’ve not wanted to do anything but sleep. I feel exhausted all the time & because I am so early pregnant I kind of feel like I have no excuse for it but actually my body is working on overdrive and I should probably jump at the opportunity of having a sit down. I feel really breathless, like I’ve just walked up 3 flights of stairs and all I’ve done is walk from one room to another. I have been feeling really nauseous this week and I’ve spent most days plodding around the house with a sick bucket nearby ‘just in case’ thankfully I’ve not actually thrown up yet which is good, however I am expecting it pretty soon.

Week 5

I’m so tired, I can’t cope with this level of tiredness. Nothing seems to be getting done, I have no energy and Alyssia has been really challenging this week which of course makes my life harder. A simple nappy change turns into a battle, a battle that I could really do without.

Week 6

I have finally rung the doctors and told them that I am pregnant. I’ve been sick twice already this pregnancy, I didn’t think it was possible to feel so many symptoms and to suffer so early on but its happening.. We’ve all been hit with the horrible flu and have spent the majority of the week on the sofa. This was also the week I found out I was pregnant in my first pregnancy so its amazing that I found out even sooner this time around.

Week 7

The sickness is in full swing, I’ve been sick 8 times this week already and there’s still 3 more days until I’m 8 weeks pregnant. I really hope it stops soon, I’m drained and it’s really getting me down. I feel absolutely useless, Alyssia keeps saying “you okay mummy?!” which is the cutest. I got a text from the midwife this week with a date for my booking in appointment. Exciting but nerve wracking stuff, pregnancy is pretty draining.

Week 8

This week has been a good week, I’ve not been sick much at all & I’m starting to see a pattern in my nausea. I feel really bloated this week and like it is obvious to everybody that I am pregnant but nobody has seemed to notice yet, at least I don’t think so. I’ve managed to get out the house and feel like I have achieved this week, I had my first craving this week and of course it was for something unhealthy.. KFC! (I’ve been pretty good with eating healthily recently) I decided to try the homemade version but it wasn’t as good.

Week 9

We saw the midwife this week, had bloods taken etc etc you know the drill. Its been another good week with no sickness just a tiny bit of nausea, I feel like my sciatica is back already and I have done quite a lot of walking around this week so I may have just over done it slightly. I am currently starting to plan some days out for the summer, I really want to make the most of the time I have with Alyssia, more so now than ever before because before long its not just going to be the three of us. I’ve just got my scan date through so I’m looking forward to that.

Week 10

This week I am craving terry’s chocolate orange, I’ve gone through 3 oranges and 2 bags of the mini slices. For somebody that doesn’t like chocolate, I’m doing well.. I might even turn into a chocolate orange soon.. Sickness wise I’ve been okay, it seems to be a once a week thing. I am now in double digits and really looking forward to being out of the dreaded first trimester.

Week 11

I feel so tired, I thought this was supposed to be going away?! I’ve suffered from horrendous headaches this week to the point where they’ve been making me sick and I’ve had to go to sleep with a cold flannel on my head each night. I’ve not got much energy this week so am trying to up my sugar levels however on the plus side, I am craving custard creams..

Week 12

It’s Scan week! I’ve been waiting to hit 12 weeks for ages and now that it’s happened it’s finally becoming a little bit more real. Heartburn is absolutely killing me this week, onions seem to be the culprit here! Our town has been hit by snow we are snow bound, my 12 week scan has been cancelled and is due to be rearranged. I was pretty gutted but it really isn’t safe to drive in these conditions and the majority of the roads are closed. I keep feeling little flutters so I am sure that baby is okay in there but it’s the unknown that is the scariest part, as soon as I see our little one on the scan I’ll be fine I’m sure.

Week 13

My scan has been rebooked for this week and I haven’t felt this level of anxiety in a long time… I’m scared of the unknown.. I came out of the scan almost welling up, you’ve no idea the amount of relief I felt when I saw that little heartbeat on the screen. Our baby is happy and healthy in there and is due to arrive a day sooner than I thought.. 11th September 2018.. Since being poked and prodded by the sonographer last week I have started to feel the baby move.. it’s mostly when I suddenly move to get up, at 3am when I need a wee or when I’m sat having my dinner.. this baby has definetely made itself known this past week and I cannot wait to see him/her at the next scan in 6 weeks time.. ?

Our Beautiful Baby due 11th September 2018..

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