Product review on nappies and baby wipes 

Hi everyone, so this week I have decided to write a blog post on nappies & wipes… can you tell I’m bored & have run out of ideas? (It’s been a long week) 

Did you know that the average child from birth to the age of 2 & a half years old, use around 6500 nappies a year? – that’s crazy!

I have decided to review the following brands:

• Pampers
• Little Angels (Asda)
• Tesco loves baby (Tesco)
• Huggies
• Water wipes
• Johnsons 
• Lidls

Let’s start with Pampers nappies & wipes – I absolutely love this brand. We are currently using the “Pampers baby dry pants” in a size 3. These have been a life saver for me since Alyssia started crawling, she will not lie still for me to put a nappy on her so at nearly 1 years old we use the “pants”. I have used Pampers since birth but when Alyssia was teething – she had awful runny nappies that leaked out almost every time – nappy explosion!! This happened once or twice and I was fine with it, but when it starts to happen 3/4 times a day and you’re having to take a whole wardrobe of spare clothes around with you (or having to buy new there & then) it was an absolute nightmare and certainly wasnt cheap so I changed brands.

Tesco nappies & wipes
 – I changed to tesco nappies when Alyssia was teething at around 6 months and found that these were better for the ‘runny nappies’ and didn’t leak. Therefore I could actually leave the house without worrying that she was going to have a nappy explosion. The only issue I found with this brand was that they weren’t as absorbant at night time, and this was problem for us as Alyssia would often wake up with nappy rash. 
However these are great value for money at just £10 for 3 packets (this would last us the whole month). The wipes are also great value for money at just 65p each or 5 packets for £3 (bargain) they also smell lovely.

Little angels nappies & wipes (Asda) 
– I tried this brand when Alyssia was very small probably only in a size 1 or 2, they did not work for us at all. They brought her out in horrible nappy rash & made her quite sore which is a shame really as I love to shop in Asda. However, the wipes are absolutely fantastic – we buy the big boxes of 12 packets for around £6 once a month.

Toujours nappies (Lidl)
 – these nappies are brilliant value for money at just £2.89, however I personally think that these nappies have a horrible texture & are leaky and extremely thin. Fine for wees, aboloutely awful for poos. Also not great for wearing to bed as they get full very quickly.

I have also tried water wipes, Johnsons & Huggies baby wipes:

• Water Wipes
 – these are amazing and I would reccomend them to any new or expecting parent. Not only are they 99.9% water, they are thick & do the job perfectly. I had these in my hospital bag when I had Alyssia and they were an absolute godsend – rather than waking up at 3am to change a dirty nappy, having to get the warm water and the cotton wool out – all I needed was a fresh nappy and some water wipes. So much easier!! However the only downside to these are that they are expensive at around £2.50 a packet. We used these until she was about 8 weeks old.

• Johnsons extra sensitive – we bought these on an offer in asda, I think they were £5 for a box of 12 packets which in my eyes was really good value for money. Alyssia has been teething alot lately & has had quite bad nappy rash so I thought I’d go for something that would be a little bit more gentle on her skin hence why I chose ‘Johnsons extra sensitive’. In all honestly I’m not impressed, the wipes are really thin & you need to use quite a few for it to actually do the job. I have found that these actually make Alyssia quite sore, I quite often use baby wipes when I run out of makeup wipes & this brand also made my skin sore so it’s safe to say I probably won’t be buying these again anytime soon.
• Huggies – we have also tried the Huggies brand, these are not for us. The wipes rip too easily & are an absolute nightmare to get out of the packet – let alone actually using them for a nappy change with a wriggling baby. However the packaging is pretty funky.

Overall my favourite nappy brand has got to Pampers, especially now that they do the pants & these work amazing for Alyssia now that she is on the move. Our favourite brand of baby wipes has got to be Little angels (asda) they are amazing value for money – especially now that they do ‘extra value’ packs with more wipes in – these also smell amazing. I am in love with the water wipes though, and as I said above – I would definitely 100% recommend these to any new or expecting parents.

My advice to all new parents would be not to buy big quantities of the same brand, as some might not work for your baby and you don’t want to waste your money – therefore I suggest you buy a few small packs of each to see which is best for you. I would also advise that you don’t buy lots of the tiny sizes as my daughter was born weighing 8lbs and wasn’t in the newborn nappies for long, she went almost straight into size 2s. I think altogether we spend around £20 a month on nappies & wipes – making the most of baby events when we can. 

Which nappies/ wipes do you use for your children & why? – let me know what you think of my blog via instagram – @mummyandliss 

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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