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Do you ever get stuck on what to feed the kids at the end of the week? I know I do, we go shopping every Wednesday but towards the end of the week I start to run out of ideas and that’s where Little Dish come into this, healthy dinners that save the day, who’d have thought? I recently reviewed the Little Dish Pots on the blog & Alyssia was a big fan of the spaghetti & meatballs dish so when we received a big box full of Brand New Little Dish products in the post, we were so excited to try them. We were sent some spaghetti hoops, baked beans, tomato soup, korma sauce & some pasta sauce.

All you have to do is compare the ingredients in Little Dish products to your average supermarket brands & you will see straight away why Little Dish are so much better for you. Little Dish remind me very much of Innocent Smoothies, random right? But ‘Innocent’ cram as much fruit & veg into their smoothies as possible yet they still taste amazing, this is the same with Little Dish. They try their very best to add as many vegetables into their products as possible. They are a brand that I regularly buy from & will continue in doing so. As I said in my previous review, I came across this brand when buying some toddler snacks in my local Asda.

Little Dish Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce – Quite often I have made sauces from scratch for Alyssia & despite putting all the effort in & the right ingredients, chances are she won’t eat it but I’ll buy a little dish sauce and she will demolish the lot. The Pasta sauce is one of my favourite & most convenient products if i’m honest. When cooking dinners for Alyssia, I often find that I cook too much & end up throwing a lot way. I used to buy the Tesco Goodness Pasta Sauce 200g for £1 but now I buy the Little Dish Cooking Sauce 80g (the perfect size) for just 50p. The Little Dish Sauces are Little, suitable for Little people which is perfect. Not only does this mean that we aren’t wasting food, but we are making the most of our money too. Unlike adult cooking sauces, their sauces are low salt and have no added sugar – winner!

Little Dish Korma Cooking Sauce – When Cooking a curry in our house we struggle because my other half likes a hot curry, I like a mild curry and obviously Alyssia’s needs to be even milder. It’s hard to get it right & I usually have to make separate dinners that are suitable for her. When I came across these korma sauces I couldn’t resist, Alyssia loves a curry and has done since she started weaning but with her being dairy free its often hard to find a sauce that doesn’t contain milk. I was so shocked when I realised that she could in fact eat the Little Dish Korma Sauce and she can eat the same as mummy & daddy.

When I went to Asda last week, I decided to take the time to compare the ingredients in each Little Dish product to the products I would usually buy in the shops. I was so shocked to find that Little Dish are SO much healthier for you & I feel like these products are so underrated. We absolutely LOVE them!

As well as the two cooking sauces, we also tried 3 new products. Baked Beans, Spaghetti Hoops & Tomato Soup. Alyssia LOVES baked beans & she would probably eat a whole tin to herself if I gave her the chance. She also likes spaghetti hoops on toast or at the side of her plate when we have homemade potato wedges.

Before now Alyssia had never tried tomato soup, I’m not really sure why I guess the struggle of it always having milk in puts us off, but again this Little Dish Tomato Soup is dairyfree, yay! I am a big fan of tomato soup and I feel like this is something I will definitely be buying more of over the winter months. Is there anything better than warm soup & some fresh bread on a cold winters day? I can’t wait.

Lets talk veggies: I didn’t think it was possible to discretely cram this many vegetables into a soup without your little one even noticing? Amazing! Little Dish Tomato Soup contains 6 vegetables – Tomato, Carrot, Onion, Red Onion, Cauliflower & White pepper.

I honestly can’t recommend the Little Dish products enough, they are amazing! 

*this post was written in collaboration with Little Dish. 

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