Revamping our Bathroom with Melody Maison

Revamping our Bathroom with Melody Maison

We have lived in our first family home for 2 years now & we have never really done anything with the bathroom. It’s always been a ‘I’ll do it one day’ but of course the bathroom and the kitchen are the 2 main rooms of the house when it comes to guests. Is there anything more embarrassing than a dirty bathroom? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bathroom snob but I would like to at least know that I can have a wee in peace. When we first moved here, our bathroom was cream – a neutral colour that I eventually learned to love but I got a little bit bored, we then painted it grey (don’t even ask me why) but it made the bathroom feel so dark & depressing that one day I spontaneously bought a big pot of white paint & started painting. We did an awful job, we got paint everywhere and my uncle even asked me if I had thrown the paint at the walls but hey, we tried and If I’m honest it’s not that bad.

When we moved in, we didn’t have any type of storage in there, no accessories & a plain white shower curtain. My mum very kindly bought us an under sink storage unit which I still love to do this day. We switched things up a little, bought a grey shower curtain & added a few candles but something just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t done and it still felt like a ‘I’ll do it one day’ job until we fell in love with a new online shop called Melody Maison and I just couldn’t stop looking at their products. I found this shop after winning a £40 voucher in a competition but have been ordering more and more ever since. If you are a lover of home accessories or shabby chic products like myself then this is the shop for you. They have everything and I mean everything you have ever dreamed of..

Melody Maison has helped me transform my bathroom from something rather Basic to something a little more Rustic & Natural and I love it. I am finally happy with how my bathroom looks and actually really enjoy my time in there. It’s not very often that I get to have a nice relaxing bath but when I do, it will be amazing now that I have revamped my bathroom and really upped my style. So.. do you want to see a before and after? Of course you do..

As you can see, before having my bathroom transformed by Melody Maison, it looked pretty boring. I wasn’t happy with it at all and I just knew there was something missing. It didn’t have any style and my shelves were put up wonky for one. I just hated spending any time in there & my mirror was a last minute buy in the sales. I feel like my bathroom was definitely a ‘I’ve just moved in, I’ll make do’ bathroom but now I love it.


Round Black Metal Wall Mirror

Ta-daaa! What do you think? I personally LOVE it. The Wooden Shelf, Mirror & Lantern are all from Melody Maison. I am so so in love with the shelving unit, I can’t even tell you how much. I have been looking for something to go here for a while and I was thinking more along the lines of a bathroom cabinet with a mirror but our bathroom is such an odd shape that I wouldn’t be able to stand in front of the mirror. This shelf goes perfectly in my bathroom and I now know that it is exactly what I have been looking for. The circle shaped mirror goes quite nicely, If I had the choice I would remove the shaver light so that we had more room to hang it but I love how it makes the bathroom look. At first I was worried that a black mirror would look odd with all of my ‘more neutral and rustic’ accessories/decor but actually It goes well and I love it so much more than my last one.

Wall Mounted Wooden Wall Shelf with 5 Hooks

Grey Green Rustic Glass Candle Lantern

The lantern I really love, I’ve wanted a lantern for a while now but I wanted one for all year round and one that would match my home decor. My living room curtains are a gold-ish colour with grey and silver at the top so a grey lantern would go well there. However for now it has found its new home in my bathroom, matching my new bath mat & it goes so well with the rustic style shelf, don’t you think? I bought the little plant from Amazon and the Towel, Bath Mat, Soap Dispenser & toilet brush from Matalan. The under-sink shelving unit is from B&M. Another of my favourites in the bathroom is my rustic style star, I got this from The Range but Melody Maison also sell these. In fact, they sell pretty much everything you could ever want in your home.. I really enjoyed having something to look forward to and I now LOVE my bathroom more than ever.


Does your bathroom need a makeover? Take a look at Melody Maison and I’m sure you’ll fill your basket soon enough.





*this post was written in collaboration with Melody Maison. Products of theirs mentioned were gifted to me for the purpose of this feature. 




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  1. Susan Wood
    November 26, 2017 / 9:36 pm

    Full of excellent ideas, brilliant, love it. x

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