Shnuggle Dreami & Baby Bath Review

The Shnuggle Dreami is everything you need in a Moses basket, it's comfortable, lightweight, and its a safe and stylish bed for your newborn. It's easy to move around, and not only can your baby be by your bedside, you can also turn it upside down and use it as a rocker which we loved in the early days. It is made from hypoallergenic material, its breathable and is super easy to clean. We have been using the Shnuggle Dreami for 6 months now and Isabelle still has enough room in there which is amazing. My first daughter had outgrown her moses basket by 4 months old. I love the look of the Shnuggle Dreami, it looks great in the living room and I'm going to miss it when its gone. In the early days we used it both as a bed sleeper and a rocker, Alyssia absolutely loved looking over her baby sister and it was so lovely to see them together.

It was super easy to put together, I actually managed to do it all myself (usually I have to ask my partner as he's better at DIY than I am) but honestly it was really straight forward and the instructions were very clear. When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted a moses basket or something similar to go in the living room and I had the Shnuggle Dreami on my to-buy list. I remember when we first put it up, I was heavily pregnant and so ready to meet her. Despite being quite chilled out about the arrival of our little girl, I wanted to put it all together and get things ready so that Alyssia could get used to having baby things around. She was so excited to become a big sister and I can happily say she is the best big sister with 6 months experience.

You can buy the Shnuggle Dreami here.


Looking back I still can't believe she was so small.

Isabelle is a very lucky and has no less than 3 beds to sleep in, she has the Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket in the living room, a snuzpod crib in our bedroom and a cot in her sisters room ready for when shes a little bit older. She has napped in her cot a few times but for the most part she naps in her Shnuggle basket. Its really handy having somewhere for her to sleep in the living room as it means I don't have to constantly move Moses baskets from room to room and I am so impressed that she is still in there at nearly 7 months old. It definitely seems to be bigger than the average Moses basket and I love how sturdy it is in comparison to your basic basket. There's not really anything I don't like about the Shnuggle Dreami, its served us very well and Isabelle goes off to sleep so easily in there.


Shnuggle Baby Bath 

Next up is the Shnuggle Bath and oh my gosh, it could possibly be my most rated baby product. Before we got the bath I had heard so many great reviews on the Shnuggle bath, I absolutely love that it holds your baby up so you don't have to do the famous juggling act and wash them one handed. It's much safer than the average bath in my opinion & I much prefer it to any other bath seat on the market. We have used it since day dot and are still using it now at 6 months old. It has a foam back rest and Isabelle is so happy in there. I remember the first time we gave Alyssia her first bath and she screamed the house down, we had a basic baby bath at this point and she hated it. I also hated that I had to juggle holding her, washing her one handed whilst grabbing everything I needed at the same time. It was such a faff but needless to say, I have not had this problem with the Shnuggle bath and it has been AMAZING for us. I absolutely cannot fault it and would recommend the Shnuggle bath to everyone. Isabelle loved her first bath.

The multi-award winning Shnuggle Bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents and fun for baby.  Suitable from newborn, the clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months plus. Gold winner of the 2019 Mother & Baby Awards, the Shnuggle Bath is top of most parent’s newborn essentials checklist. I couldn't agree more. You can buy the Shnuggle Bath here.

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