Skiphop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack / Changing Bag Review

Skiphop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack / Changing Bag Review

When I was pregnant with my daughter Alyssia, I remember having my heart set on a certain changing bag just because it looked pretty, I never looked at the practical side of things until now.. we’ve been through a few changing bags, the first bag I bought was one that cost me ¬£20 off the market, it was bright purple and had white spots all over it. I really liked it at the time and it went well with the colour of our pram but like I say, I was thinking more of the pretty side rather than the practical side. It had 2 side pockets but they were so tight I couldn’t fit a bottle in there without struggling so I just didn’t bother. I could never close the bag because I was always carrying too much stuff and it just wasn’t ideal. I would find myself shoving the majority of our stuff under the pram because I could never fit it all in.

As Alyssia got bigger, we found that we didn’t need to carry as much with us. The amount of bottles reduced, the spare clothes reduced and before long we were packing a lunchbox instead of bottles and pods of milk. Its crazy how fast they grow up! We bought her a little toddler bag with Upsy Daisy on the front in which she loved but it has definetely seen better days. Now that we’re expecting another baby girl we decided it was about time to upgrade to a bigger and better changing bag, that’s when I fell in love with the Skiphop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack in a gorgeous dusty pink, it has a cute little tassel on the front too.

You can fit everything in it..

I originally fell in love with the bag on the website but when it arrived I fell in love with it all over again. The backpack is much bigger than I anticipated it to be and you can fit everything in it including the kitchen sink (well, near enough).. we’ve taken this back pack on days out, holidays, you name it & I’m even going to use it as my hospital bag for when baby girl decides to make her arrival. Aside from the colour, the thing I love most about it is the huge pockets. On the front there’s a pocket big enough to fit my purse, sunglasses, keys, spare dummies, sun cream etc in. Now usually my purse would take up a huge amount of space in a changing bag and it would be such a hassle to get out but this changing bag just makes life so much easier.

Big Pockets..

There’s a zipped pocket on the side which again is pretty big, I use this to put Alyssia’s reins in alongside a few small toys and there’s a bottle pocket on the other side where you can store a drinks bottle for yourself or for your little one. Then of course you’ve got the main pocket which is so spacious and has been an absolute godsend for days out because it fits everything in, no more struggling and no more extra bags hanging off the side of the pram and there are 2 big pockets on the inside which are big enough to store nappies and wipes in etc (no more digging to the bottom of the bag to find a nappy).. yay!

On an average day out we take lunch for us all, drinks, spare clothes for Alyssia, nappies, wipes & nappy cream, toys, spare snacks, my phone, purse, suncream, hats, sometimes spare shoes depending on where we’re going and sometimes even PJ’s if we’re going to be out late. This bag fits all of that in plus more which is why I am so keen to use it as a hospital/overnight bag. There is also a whole other compartment at the back in which I didn’t realise before I got the bag, full of surprises hey. It also comes with a changing mat which I was delighted about. The bag has special stroller straps so that it can sit on your stroller nicely without using the arm straps which I think is great. I have had so many compliments on this changing bag already and I can’t wait to use it for both my girls rather than trekking out with a bag for each of them. If you’d like to purchase this bag for yourself, you can find it here.

*I was very kindly sent this changing bag in return for an honest review. All opinions are of my own and as always, I would never recommend something that I didn't truly love. 

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