Slow Cooker Sunday – Sausage Casserole Recipe.

Sometimes I feel like my blog content is a little bit samey, so I have decided to switch it up a bit with a recipe type post. We usually have a roast dinner on a Sunday but this week we are using up what we’ve got in the house before buying any more so today I got up bright and early (despite Alyssia being up at 4.30am again – oh the joys) to cook a sausage casserole in the slow cooker. This is one of our family favourites and I love nothing more than shoving it all in the slow cooker at the beginning of the day. Now that it’s Autumn and the nights are getting colder, it’s so nice to have a nice hot dinner on hand whenever you want it.


Ingredients that we use:

  • Colmans Sausage Casserole Sachet
  • Richmond Sausages
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Cold Water
  • Bisto Gravy

We usually cheat a little bit and use a Colmans Sausage Casserole sachet but this week we picked up the wrong sachet aka ‘Somerset Pork Casserole’ for one it’s the wrong brand, two it’s a pork casserole not a sausage casserole and three it’s got milk powder in the ingredients which is just brilliant when you’ve got a toddler with CMPA. However it is time to try her on dairy again so what better way to do it than via an Asda food shopping fail, right?

I usually brown off the sausages in the oven but I’m well known for overcooking them, so Rob told me to ‘not bother cooking them first & just wing it’ I am a bit of a “let’s just wing it” kinda girl but not when it comes to raw meat, it’s better to be safe than sorry right? I’ve only had food poisoning twice in my life & both times were absoultely horrific. If you’re reading this for the recipe and not the story behind it all, I do apologise. This morning I decided to brown the sausages off in a pan & then add them straight into the slow cooker.

I then cut up the onions & the mushrooms and chucked them in with the sausages. Some people like to brown the onions etc first but I just wing it and work on the theory that you can’t get food poisoning from an onion, at least I don’t think you can anyway?


Alyssia wanted to be a big girl & help mummy with the cooking, so we got her apron on and she helped me put the onions & the mushrooms into the slow cooker like a pro. I like to get her as involved as I can in the kitchen..

We live in a 2 bedroom flat with an open diner so it’s hard to separate the kitchen from the living room when it’s all in one room. We’ve never used a divider or kept her out of the kitchen so why start now? We have safety catches on all of the cupboards and the cooker is always switched off at the wall so it’s totally safe and toddler proofed for those of you who may be slightly concerned. Alyssia absoultely loves getting involved when it comes to cooking and is always by my side trying to do her bit.

Once the sausages, the onions & the mushrooms are in the slow cooker, I whack it on high for 5 minutes and then add the cold water and the sachet. Mix it all in & then leave it all day cooking away on medium stirring as and when I feel like it. An hour or so before serving I’ll add a spoonful of bisto gravy to thicken it up. We serve it with mash potato & veg but today were being super lazy and having it with chippy chips because why the hell not?

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