Snuzpod 3 Crib Review

Ever since I first set eyes on the Snuzpod crib, I knew I had to get it. It is BEAUTIFUL. I loved the way it looked but even more so when I realised it was the most spacious out of all the moses baskets / cribs that we had looked at. I loved the Snuzpod2 but was even more excited when I realised the snuzpod3 was coming out just as we were looking to buy one. The Snuzpod3 is much wider, bigger and lighter than the Snuzpod2 so I knew it was going to be a good decision for us. The Snuzpod comes in a variety of different colours, we got it in white as it suited our bedroom decor best but the Dove Grey would be my next colour of choice. Have a look for yourself here, which colour would you choose?

We have been using the Snuzpod3 for 7 months now and we are still going strong. I wish I had got one of these 3 years ago with my first born as they are absolutely amazing. I breastfed for the first 3 months of Isabelles life so having her right by my side and being able to just zip the side down on the crib was so handy and still is in the middle of the night when she just fancies a quick cuddle. Both sides are made with breathable mesh so that you can keep an eye on your little one in the night knowing that they are safe. I'm going to miss her being next to me in the snuzpod when she goes into her own room but for now I feel so lucky to still have her by my side at 7 months. The months really do fly by the second time around.

In terms of setting it all up, it was really easy to put together and seeing it up for the first time made me even more excited to meet my baby. She has slept so well in the snuzpod since day dot, much better than my first born did in her basic moses basket. The mattress that comes with the snuzpod feels really comfy and soft. The snuzpod can be used with the side down attached to your bed or as a stand alone rocking crib in the room with both sides up. You can also take the crib off the stand, e.g if you wanted to take it from the bedroom to the living room.. its super light weight and easy to carry making it practical and easy for us mamas post birth.

Another thing I love about the snuzpod is the reflux setting that comes with it, you can have your babies crib on a tilt with peace of mind knowing that it is helping with their reflux. Both of my girls have had reflux so I have experienced it first hand with a standard moses basket and with the snuzpod and can say the snuzpod reflux setting was amazing for us at the beginning of our bottle feeding journey. Its also great for when your baby has a cold, its much safer than propping them up with anything else. I also love how much room you have underneath, you can use all that space for storing spare bed sheets, muslin cloths, nappies etc anything you might need in the middle of the night. The snuzpod3 is one of my all-time favourite baby products on the market and is well worth the money. Its much bigger than the average moses basket so it will definitely last. Its been a game changer for us!

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*the snuzpod was very kindly gifted to us in return for an honest review.

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